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Fake death news stirs showbiz

October 15, 2019

Over a week ago, Facebook had run two successive showbiz deaths involving Gerald Anderson and Bamboo Mañalac.

Nothing was said of Bamboo’s death unlike of Gerald’s case where the controversial actor perished in a car crash. As if to lend credence to what apparently was fake news, the headline came with a photo of GMA newshen Maki Pulido as having broadcast the story.

A curious if nervous peek into both sites, however, yielded no content. Even without doing so, any discerning netizen would doubt the veracity of such “death items” just popping out of nowhere.

Chancing upon this type of morbid news isn’t new anymore.

Even when social media wasn’t in vogue many years ago, we remember an “underground tabloid” to have bannered a story on the death of then very much alive and kicking Dolphy. He passed away two decades later.

A case of irresponsible if pseudo-journalism, it widely differed from the case involving veteran broadcast journalist Tina Monzon-Palma who — in her report on a GMA news program — “had killed” Maureen Hultman who was still fighting for her dear life from a gunshot injury in the head inflicted by Claudio Teehankee.

A severe blow on Maureen’s family who were earnestly praying for some miracle to happen, Palma was made to pay the price for not checking her facts before breaking the news on air. She got suspended by the TV station, for good.


That was slightly no different from Vivian Velez’s post on her social media account (in 2017) on the death of Isabel Granada, only to find out that her attending doctors in Doha, Qatar were exhausting all means to make her recover from aneurysm. VV has since been unheard of.

Juxtaposed, both “killing” the living and killing the dying offer not an iota of excuse to exonerate the ones who brazenly float it around. On one hand, the person responsible for the former causes undue panic to a clueless family; while the latter dampens the hopeful spirit of the victim’s bereaved loved ones.

We know Facebook admin to have strictly banned too many pages and sites for violating certain rules inimical to the interests of the general public.

Gerald Anderson

Isn’t it about time FB looked seriously into the case of fake showbiz tragedies, at least by stamping “Fake News” on the items exactly the same way it does on most political stuff?

* * *

GUESS WHO? A pictorial for a movie was done right at the posh studio of a famed photographer. In the session was a pretty actress (PA) along with her co-stars.

Anybody who’d step in the studio would mistake it for a self-contained ritzy residence. Its restroom for guests, for example, is teeming with imported toiletries and scented stuff in medium-sized bottles.

Less than a dozen stars were around, frequently taking short turns in using the restroom except for the bag-toting PA who’d stay inside for God-knows-how-long.

One of the PA’s co-stars had noticed that the stuff at the CR were starting to disappear in sight. Guess where the stuff found their way into.

The PA’s bag where the caps of the stacked bottles had loosened, its contents dripping and scattered all over the studio.

* * *

Ever since these showbiz sisters (SS) were kids, their father had never allowed them to use deodorants, whether local or imported.

Whenever they had profuse sweating in their armpits, the SS got used to wipe it with tissue paper. “It’s safer!” was their dad’s reason for preventing chemical substances from entering their body.

But one of the SS had to defy her father’s order. This was when a hefty ta­lent fee came with a commercial endorsement of a deodorant brand.

“Anong bawal-bawal sa kili-kili? Ang sabihin mo, pera-pera lang yan!” a source told Vignettes.

* * *

Personal: I would like to greet my chicken junkie-younger brother Eufronio 4th nicknamed Sonny of Sacramento, California happy 53rd birthday.

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