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‘Insatiable’ stars thresh out hot topics of body image and self-acceptance

October 14, 2019

When you want to attend an all out event, count on Netflix to do it for you. Last week, showbiz media and loyal fans of the streaming giant’s dark comedy series, “Insatiable” were in for a treat as they whipped up a glittering pink catwalk, beauty pageant backdrops, a gown-themed dessert buffet and all that glitters!

Series stars Debby Ryan and Dallas Roberts flew into town to promote the show’s second season which premiered on Friday along with special guest star, our very own Miss Universe 1969 Gloria Diaz, who plays a vital role in the show.

The top drag queens of the Philippines all came out as expected and performed a fabulous number to hype up the crowd in a dazzling event that concluded with an impromptu pageant catwalk showdown with Debby, Dallas and Gloria as judges.

In season two of Insatiable, we find Patty (Ryan) dealing with more issues. Her past mishaps from the pilot season will haunt her, and her struggle to be “good” is becoming harder and harder each day as she battles her inner demons.

‘Insatiable’ stars Debby Ryan (topmost photo)

and Dallas Roberts (above) as well as guest star

Gloria Diaz (left) agree that the series is very

timely as many — especially women — often

feel insecure about their looks. PHOTOS BY


Her pageant coach Bob (Roberts) will also find himself confronted with a difficult decision—how far he is willing to go for Patty to get the coveted pageant crown.

In The Know got to sit down with Debby, Dallas and Gloria to talk more about this season and the deeper social issues this story from two-time Emmy nominee Lauren Gussis effectively brings up.

Debby went straight for them citing “body image and self-acceptance” as very important issues for everyone to address.

“Everyone has a different relationship with these issues. There’s a huge pressure in the world and in different cultures [with body image], specifically on women, because this is the one I am most aware of myself. It can bring you to really, really dark places in your mind if you believe what people tell you and if you believe that you have to look a certain way in order to achieve something and have value,” the former Disney star averred.

“What I love about the show and what it speaks about is that if your insides are not healthy, if you haven’t fixed your heart and mind, it doesn’t matter how you look on the outside,” Dallas followed theough. “The show tackles so many issues on image and identity and personal struggles, and hopefully what the viewers take away [from it] is a sense of self-acceptance, which is the number one key to work on the other issues.”

These deep-rooted issues highlighted in the new season are timely as its premiere coincides with Mental Health Awareness Day.

Hopefully, the situations will help fans address their own insecurities in a way that, as Ms. Gloria put it, in a very entertaining way.

“More than anything Insatiable is there to entertain; it’s a new way of consuming entertainment and it‘s something unexpected,” she declared.

The former Miss Universe comes out in two episodes this season but all the same, she’s bombarded with questions if she will soon be series regular.

Quick to reply in the negative, Debby and Dallas cut in just as swiftly, “We don’t even know what’s happening in Episode 6 so you’ll never really know. The show is surprising as it is and her character as Gloria Reyes is getting pretty good feedback.”

Speaking of feedback, Debby and Dallas said they were overwhelmed with the kind of welcome they received in Manila. They had no expectations but were surprised and grateful that they were embraced like family by Miss Gloria’s family and the Filipino fans.

In fact, Debby said much of Gloria has rubbed off on her as she finds herself answering questions like a beauty queen sometimes.

“I think most of how my composure is because of being around Gloria so much,” she acknowledged.

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