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Joaquin Domagoso: The son also rises

October 18, 2019

While Manila Mayor Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso is getting very good feedback for his diligent work as chief executive of the Philippines’ premier city, his son Joaquin Domagoso is also working hard to make a name for himself in showbusiness. Both celebrating their birthdays on October 24, Joaquin is turning 18 and is eager as ever to follow in his father’s footsteps and start young on television.

Far from proud, Joaquin readily acknowledges that having “Yorme” as his dad is a huge help in getting into the industry and being familiar to the public.

“I am thankful and proud of my name, the name that my dad established. This is the reason why I’m here and the reason why I am getting a lot of breaks in showbiz,” Joaquin told Showbuzz.

The hard life and the struggles that his dad went through is known to Joaquin. He can remember that from childhood, he and his siblings always heard from Isko how he had to find odd jobs to help put food on the table.

“I know that we’re so fortunate to have a life where we never had to work on a mountain of trash where my dad did, looking for something that can be sold because that’s where we’d get our food. I didn’t experience na pumasada ng pedicab to earn my baon for school. Sobrang familiar ako sa story ni Papa and I’m not ashamed that he went through all those experiences. The hard work he put in to have a better life is something that is really praiseworthy,” said Joaquin.

What is also praiseworthy is that even if Joaquin and his siblings grew up in a fairly comfortable life, they were never spoiled by their parents.

This young newcomer admits that being the son of Manila Mayor Francisco ‘Isko Moreno’ Domagoso makes it easier for him to be in showbiz.

“We grew up given an allowance that’s just right for our needs, like for food we’d buy in school. If we need more for school projects, we have to ask Papa or Mama and again they’d just give us the exact amount we need. I can say that our parents have instilled discipline among us, their children. Pinalaki kami na marunong sumunod sa kanila.”

Asked how he feels about his dad’s rockstar popularity as mayor, not just in Manila but all over the country, the proud son replied. “I know that a lot of people say that Papa inspires just as he inspires me. That’s the reason why I’ve also involved myself in a number of advocacies especially the ones that will help the poor. I get so affected by Papa’s stories about his past and his work today that I really want to help in my own way as well.”

One of the projects that Joaquin has taken on is a feeding program for poor kids. He is now in partnership with the Mrs. Universe Philippines Foundation have already scheduled feeding programs and medical missions for around the city of Manila.

What makes Joaquin’s partnership with Mrs. Universe Foundation special is that the reigning Mrs. Universe Philippines is Charo Laude, a former colleague of Joaquin’s dad in the Monday group of “That’s Entertainment.”

“I feel good doing projects for the poor. It’s a way for me to acknowledge my father’s roots. My dad was one of them and I feel that it’s also our duty to help. From childhood I’ve seen my dad helping people, going to different places to do whatever he can. For me, this is paying it forward. Saka it’s a different feeling whenever I can extend help. I feel this joy inside me. That’s why I’m so thankful to the Mrs. Universe Foundation for making me a partner in their many charity works.”

Unknown to Joaquin, it’s the foundation that’s even more grateful to have him as their partner.

“We’ve already set our charity day this month and we’re so happy, Joaquin has agreed to be with us,” shared Charo. “When we approached him, he immediately said yes and we’re just so fortunate we found a partner who has that burning desire to lend a hand to the less fortunate.”

When it comes to his showbiz career, Joaquin also couldn’t be happier. He’s very busy with a lot of projects and just finished the horror-comedy movie, “Jolly Spirit Squad.” He’s already got another film lined up with bigger stars but whose details are still under wraps

On television, he can only do GMA’s “Studio 7” right now because it’s the only schedule that he work around his studies.

“I have an agreement with my dad that he’s only allowing me to be in showbiz as long as my studies will not be affected. I would really love to act on TV but the taping hours will run in conflict with my schedule in school. I know that time will come when I can do acting for TV. We just have to wait. But at the moment, I super enjoy doing ‘Studio 7.’ I’ve made friends with a lot of people in the show like Mavi and Cassy [Legaspi] and the other stars. Sobrang friends ko sila,” enthused Joaquin.

Asked what he has planned for his birthday next week, he replied, “Hindi po talaga ko ma-party na tao,” he admitted. “Siguro we’ll just have a family dinner since it’s also Papa’s birthday. I also don’t have a gift I’d like to receive in mind but I already have a gift prepared for my dad. I’m really like that, mas gusto ko ako ang nagbibigay,” Joaquin smiled.

* * *

October 2, 2019 was a very memorable birthday for Janine Gutierrez. She celebrated her 30th in one of her dream destinations — Paris, France. It was Janine’s first time that side of Europe and it was in every way unforgettable.

Janine Gutierrez’s career is on a high just as she turns 30.

To start with, she got to watch shows at Paris Fashion Week. “Imagine, I was in the world’s fashion capital and I was watching a big fashion event! I saw a lot of famous models and celebrities pero siyempre simple lang ako. I was just looking at them. I told myself, ‘Relax, Janine. Huwag masyadong pahalatang starstruck.’ Kaya ayun, I wasn’t even able to have pictures with them.”

Going around Paris with her boyfriend Rayver Cruz also made her first time to the City of Lights all the more special.

“He was there because of a family thing,” explained Janine. “Wait, why am I explaining? Basta, I’m just thankful he was with me. I know he was very busy. He’s taping for ‘Hanggang Sa Dulo Ng Buhay Ko’ and he hosts ‘The Clash’ pero ginawan niya ng paraan so he could be with me in Paris on my birthday.”

As soon as she got back, Janine buckled down to work and promotion of her movie “Babae At Baril,” which is an entry to the ongoing QCinema International Film Festival. “I’m so proud of this movie. I love my character as a simple and timid probinsiyana who comes to Manila to work as a saleslady. Everything in her life changed nu’ng mapunta sa kanya ang baril. I won’t reveal what happens because I want people to watch the movie.”

After Babae At Baril is shown, Janine is slated to start another film and all she can say about for the meantime is, “Basta this one is big.”

* * *

SHORTS… Congratulations to Drew Arellano who just renewed his contract with GMA Network after 14 years. His passion remains the same and based on the success of “Byahe ni Drew” and “Aha,” he’s simply getting better and better at what he does.

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