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Meet Sarah G’s most ‘Unforgettable’ co-star

October 09, 2019

She may have had a trio of blockbuster movies with John Lloyd Cruz, but it seems like the multi-talented singer and actress Sarah Geronimo has decided on someone else as her most unforgettable co-star.

His name is Milo and he’s a Jack Russel Terrier.

A self-confessed dog lover, the Popstar Royalty animatedly talked about working without a leading man in her upcoming movie, “Unforgettable,” but just the same, a very talented furry friend.

Sarah Geronimo’s newest ‘leading man’ is the handsome and talented Jack Russel Terrier, Milo.

“It’s actually a dream come true for me to work on a full-length dog movie,” Geronimo said. “Matagal ko na po talagang gusto makagawa ng project na ganito.”

Conceptualized and co-directed by the multi-awarded and internationally acclaimed director Jun Lana (“Die Beautiful,” “Bwakaw”) and award-winning filmmaker Perci Intalan (“Bwakaw,” “Distance,” “Dementia”), Unforgettable casts the actress as Jasmine.

The story follows her journey to Baguio where her sick grandmother lives. Jasmine’s goal is to bring a dog named Happy to her lola because she believes he will be instrumental to the latter’s healing. After all, the moment the four-legged creature came into her life, she’s had nothing but a shower of blessings.

As the two make their way to the City of Pines, they meet different kinds of people. With Jasmine’s sharp memory and Happy’s remarkable skills, they are able to help these individuals somehow, touching lives everywhere they go, and with every step bringing them closer to the person whose life they want to save the most.

“Iba siyang magmahal” is Unforgettable’s tagline, and Gero­nimo cannot agree more. The movie shows the special bond that is but natural between human and animal, which she herself experienced on the set with Milo.

“Jasmine’s definitely a very challenging role for me,” said the A-list celebrity, who incidentally won this year’s PMPC Star Awards for Best Actress for her role in the Philippine remake of the Korean hit “Miss Granny.”

Asked if working with Milo was the most challenging part of the movie, Geronimo giggled and said she actually found the dog very focused and professional on the set.

“It’s very diffe­rent role lang po talaga kasi,” she humbly replied.

On the other hand, Gero­nimo feels a certain sense of pride that this parti­cular movie isn’t hinged on a love team but the story itself. This is not to belittle Milo as a co-actor however since this handsome fellow has actual starred in numerous viral videos as well as Vice Ganda’s box office hit “Fantastica” in 2018.

In fact, as early as 2017, Milo has been appearing in various TV programs, showcasing his ability to play dead, roll, spin nonstop, jump through his master’s arms, remove his master’s socks, do a massage, and even pray before eating. According to his trainer Daryl Tristan Huertas, Milo was only two months old when he started to train him.

Given Milo’s fame, Geronimo admitted she was very excited to meet Milo and looked forward to working with him every day on set.

Besides the lead stars, Unforgettable will also see big stars like Regine Velasquez, Anne Curtis, Cherie Gil, Tirso Cruz 3rd, Yayo Aguila, Ara Mina, Kim Molina, Meg Imperial and Gina Pareño completing the cast.

And as Sarah Geronimo pro­mises, the movie will live up to its title.

Unforgettable opens in ci­nemas on October 23.

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