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PPA boosts police force in 115 ports

October 13, 2019

THE Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) will boost security against all forms of threats in 115 ports under its jurisdiction, its General Manager Jay Daniel Santiago said.

PPA General Manager Jay Daniel Santiago

Santiago added that 80 police personnel would be trained and deployed at the PPA by the end of 2019 in addition to the existing force.

Santiago noted that new members of the PPA port police would undergo rigorous physical, emotional and intellectual training at the PPA facility, north of Manila.

Santiago said the hiring and deployment of more port police personnel was part of PPA’s continuing effort “in ensuring strict implementation of local and international port security measures and protocols.”

“Our port police play an important role in ensuring safety and security of passenger transport and cargo hauling in PPA-managed ports around the country as threats remain imminent nationwide,” he added.

Santiago said “safety and security protocols were constantly evolving, especially taking into consideration the global war on terror.”

“We have to guarantee that our force is well equipped with necessary skills and knowledge in delivering their tasks,” he continued.

Santiago is optimistic that “with a stronger port police force, we expect to mitigate, if not eliminate, the threats surrounding our ports since these are vital transport installations.”

With the implementation of the International Ships and Port Facility Security Code in 2005, Philippine ports have been maintaining high safety and security standards, including the hiring of highly qualified and competent port police.

The implementation of the Port Safety, Health and Environmental Health System, a project of the PPA, has likewise called for a capable port police force.

The PPA port police force in June were trained on law enforcement techniques under the United States Naval Criminal Investigative Service to equip responding officers with the necessary skills in dealing with various situations.

“This is part of the mantra I brought when I took over PPA in 2016 — to instill a culture of safety and security in all aspects of operations,” Santiago said.

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