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‘Sine Sindak’ horror film fest is back on!

October 24, 2019

SM Cinema opened the second run of its very own “Sine Sindak Horror Film Festival” on Wednesday with five curated movie titles courtesy of Crystalsky Multimedia Inc. Ongoing until October 29 across all the giant mall chain’s cinema branches, the titles featured are “Dead Sight,” “Evil’s Curse,” “Door Lock,” “The Only Mom” and “Look Away,” with quick synopses below.

In “Deadsight,” a partially blind man and a pregnant officer work together to escape their town through swarms of the living dead.

A holiday romance gone wrong, “Evil’s Curse” is the story of a young backpacker falls in love with a girl who is possessed by demons.

“Doorlock” is a creepy story about a woman’s escape and struggle from a stalker.

In “The Only Mom,” a family moves into a haunted colonial-house and finds their lives turning upside down.

An alienated and awkward high school girl finds her si­nister alter-ego in the mirror in “Look Away.”

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