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Thailand’s rare panda dies of heart failure

October 11, 2019

BANGKOK: Thailand’s Chiang Mai Zoo, where rare celebrity panda Chuang Chuang lived and died, announced on its website that the autopsy had indicated that the giant panda died from heart failure last month.

“There were no wounds on Chuang Chuang’s body and no foreign objects were found in his windpipe,” the Chiang Mai Zoo said. “The cause of death was due to heart failure, which resulted in oxygen deprivation of internal organs.”

The Chiang Mai Zoo said the autopsy was conducted by Thai and Chinese experts.

Chiang Mai, Thailand: In this file photo taken on September 3, 2005, Chuang Chuang, a giant panda on loan to Thailand from China, eats bamboo at the Chiang Mai Zoo in northern Thailand. A giant panda whose sudden death in Thailand sparked outrage in China on September 2019 died from a heart attack, according to a Chinese government agency. AFP PHOTO

Shortly before the panda died, the zoo’s surveillance camera showed images of Chuang Chuang walking around the enclosure before the panda suddenly began to limp and then collapsed.

In the meantime, The Chiang Mai Zoo said the zoo would continue to look after Chuang Chuang’s partner Lin Hui.

Netizens posted comments saying that after Chuang Chuang’s death, Lin Hui did not appear as cheerful as before.

The zoo said under the lending agreement with China, Lin Hui will remain at the Chiang Mai Zoo until 2023. Meanwhile, Chuang Chuang’s body would be returned to China as specified under the agreement.

Chuang Chuang arrived in Chiang Mai with Lin Hui in 2003. The Chinese pandas since then had become a sensation among Thais, drawing thousands of visitors to the zoo.

After the death of Chuang Chuang, staff members, veterinarians and panda fans donned black for nine days to mourn the death of Thailand’s celebrity panda.


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