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Trio of inspiring stories

October 06, 2019

Sython Rinos was then only six months old when he was rushed to the Tacloban Public Hospital. He was vomiting and his face, hands and legs had shown blue discoloration.

Born in Javier, Leyte to 25-year-old farmer Elton John and housewife Syrin, the child suffered a seizure and found needing a heart surgery on his eighth month.

Kuya Hans’ 64th. ChildHaus ‘residents’ celebrate their beloved benefactor Hans Sy’s (seated, fifth from left) birthday along with wife Caroline and ChildHaus Quezon City Director Tates Gana, Ricky Reyes, Isabelita Mercado, Edna Calexto, Maribel Eusebio and Jeanette Cu. CONTRIBUTED PHOTOS

Cancer survivor Ronalyn Bataller got better from lymphoma with the help of ChildHaus

With no resources, the couple sought the help of their town mayor, Sandy Javier, who in turn mediated the child’s case to ChildHaus. But due to his weak condition, Baby Sython’s surgery had to wait until he’s strong enough for a heart bypass operation.

Sleeping with an oxygen machine by his side, Sython was given proper medical care and nutrition at ChildHaus with both his parents looking after him.

Now, after 11 months of nurture at ChildHaus, Baby Sython, who is now in a stable condition, is ready for his chance at the Philippine Heart Center.

Meanwhile, Aliya Sayler was only 13 years old when she was diagnosed with leukemia. She was bed-ridden and very weak when she was brought to the Philippine General Hospital (PGH).

She needed to undergo eight cycles of chemotherapy and two sessions of bone marrow aspiration (BMA).

Coming from a humble family in Indang, Cavite, traveling between Manila and Cavite for the treatment proved to be too difficult for the Sayler family. They were then sent to seek help at ChildHaus. There she received free medical care, board and lodging.

After completing the treatment, she was again committed to undergo a second eight cycles of chemotherapy and another two sessions of BMA.

The series of treatments made her feel better and Aliya is now cheerful and had shown a positive attitude. She now actively participates in most activities in the center.

ChildHaus has become Aliya’s home for three years while her parents take turns to see her through.

Aliya is turning 17 and is now ready to leave the center that treated her like a family. Aliya was given leg braces, a gift from ChildHaus, for her easy mobility. She is now required only a few more visits to PGH for continuous health monitoring.

Another heartwarming story is about Ronalyn Bataller from Polangui, Albay. She was only five years old when her mother died. Her father, a farmer, remarried after a year and left them to live with his new wife in another town.

Together with her two younger siblings, they were left under the care of their grandparents. Her father occasionally sent them money but oftentimes not enough.

As if to compound the girl’s anguish, an unfortunate incident hit the siblings harder when a strong typhoon smashed their town and destroyed their house. It led to the eventual demise of her grandparents.

She knew then that she needed to remain strong and do something for the siblings to survive — on their own. She took odd jobs in the neighborhood, like babysitting and offering to cook for her neighbors.

She blossomed into a pretty girl at age 15. She would often get invited to join local pageants and would gladly compete just to earn money.

One day she fell ill and was brought to the Bicol Provincial Hospital where she was diagnosed with Stage 4 lymphoma cancer, underwent an ovarian surgery and given by doctors only four months to live.

Her well-meaning friends brought her to PGH in Manila but only to confirm the findings of the doctors at the provincial hospital. Facing a grim future, Ronalyn sought the help of ChildHaus.

Not too long ago, the crowd applauded cheerfully when she finished First Runner-Up in the Miss Teen Matacon pageant.

She is now 19, and her strong character and determination to survive made her an inspiration inside ChildHaus, acting as big sister to the afflicted children at the center.

Her story did not go unnoticed that some good Samaritans from GMA Entertainment Group gifted Ronalyn with a sari-sari store for her sibling to operate in the province.

16 years of providing care and shelter

Now on its 16th year of providing care and shelter for afflicted children, ChildHaus churns out a lot of inspiring stories — stories of survival, stories of sacrifice, the joy of giving and loving, and of perseverance that surely test the human spirit as evidenced by the life stories of Ronalyn, Sython, Aliya and many more children.

All these happen because of the selfless devotion of Ricky Reyes and SM’s Hans Sy — the two loving benefactors of ChildHaus — that children like Ronalyn, Sython and Aliya are given another chance in life.

With the help of volunteers coming from different sectors of society, ChildHaus continuously lend a helping hand to help the afflicted and those in need.

Hans Sy’s plan of center in Cebu

The center is just too grateful to find another angel in the person of the young tycoon, Hans Sy, who would stop at nothing for the welfare of the sick children of ChildHaus.

From his own pocket, Sy built the first Center in Diliman, Quezon City to provide the temporary shelter for children with cancer and subsequently built a seven-story building on Agoncillo Street in Paco, near the Philippine General Hospital.

Beneficiaries of ChildHaus are just as grateful for the enormous help and assistance that they are receiving from the son of the legendary Henry Sy Sr.

At the recent 16th year celebration of ChildHaus, Sy excitedly announced that he would be building one center for Cebu to cater to the children of Visayas and Mindanao. It will include a livelihood training program under the help of Reyes for the parents of those afflicted children of ChildHaus.

The tycoon envisions having an outlet where mothers can sell commodities from their livelihood projects.

For his part, Reyes is so glad to say that as of date, ChildHaus has reached out to more than 17,000 children and adult beneficiaries for the last 16 years, with the center boasting of very little mortality.

Over at ChildHaus, the children get good medical attention, proper nutrition, good living condition, spiritual and moral guidance and the support of volunteers from the private sector.

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