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‘We’ll give you a bang for your buck!’

October 23, 2019

A good story will always lure seasoned actors back to the big screen, and that’s exactly what Aga Muhlach and Alice Dixson found in “Nuuk” — a psycho-thriller completely shot in the capital of Greenland, where the movie gets its title.

Two of the biggest stars from the ‘80s and through the 2000s, these accomplished actors now have the best of both worlds — they can take as much time away to be with their families or attend to, say their hobby or non-showbiz business endeavors, as they so deserve; and yet when they find and feel the urge to return to their passion and unleash their artistry, the public is only too happy to welcome them and revel in their work.

According to Aga and Alice, Nuuk — a psychological-thriller from Famas- and Gawad Urian-nominated director Veronica “Roni” Velasco and Viva Films — is one of those compelling projects neither of them could turn down.

Besides ha­ving the distinction of being the first Filipino movie entirely shot in Greenland, the narrative unswervingly tackles the brutal reality of this beautiful but cold and isolated country even with Aga and Alice in the lead. A dark and serious movie, expect none of the travelogue-type productions that Philippine movies shot abroad hinge on simply to make the most of the tourist sites.

Greenland has the record of having the highest rate of suicide in the world, with studies suggesting that the bitter and gloomy weather, its geographic location and slow population growth are contributors to this persistent issue of national social concern.

With depression prevalent across the country, the movie finds Elaisa Svendsen, a Filipina, in a dejected state after her husband dies. With nothing but alcohol and medicine to depend on, Elaisa keeps going on a downward spiral until she crosses paths with Mark Alvarez, a fellow Filipino who becomes her friend.

Two of the biggest stars from the ‘80s, Alice Dixson and Aga Muhlach reunite on the big screen in a story so compelling, neither of them could refuse the project.

Elaisa finds herself at ease around Mark, confiding her feelings to him, and eventually starts to fall for him. But as her spirits start to rise and she finds a reason to go on, a shocking and inexplicable reality abruptly ends all her hopes as it appears no one else knows or recognizes Mark but her.

Grateful to learn from Viva and their director they had no other actors in mind for Mark and Elaisa but them, Aga began, “I’m really at my happiest right now. I’m at my most comfortable, I’m at my most content. It because of my family — my wife, my kids — and then the entertainment industry is still there, my passion is still there, and offers like this still come along.”

The gifted artist who emerged as the most important leading man of his generation — growing from the teen star in “Bagets” to the versatile and award-winning actor in such notable films as “Miguelito,” “Sana Maulit Muli,” “Sinungaling Mong Puso” and even through 2017’s “Seven Sundays”— nonetheless emphasized that at this stage in his career, he would never do a movie just for the sake of it.

“I always say that if gagawa ako ng pelikula ngayon, I have to make sure na maganda talaga ang stor­ya, because if not, it’s better to leave things as it is,” he chuckled.

The movie, entirely shot in Nuuk, is a psychological thriller that tackles depression, a national concern not just in Greenland but in this country too.

Alice, who recalled she and Aga last worked together way back in the ‘90s added, “We owe it to our audience to give them that because people are smart nowadays. They don’t waste their money [on mo­vies without promise]. But with Nuuk, we’ll definitely give them a bang for their buck!”

Nuuk, which had the complete support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Denmark, proudly served as an all-Filipino production opener of the just concluded Danish Film Festival at Red Carpet, Shangri-La Plaza. With rave reviews already out, it is definitely a must-see come its commercial screening on November 6 across the Philippines.

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