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Jonas Brothers (and their wives) recreate classic movies in ‘What a Man Gotta Do’

Only two months after releasing their latest, Like It’s Christmas, the Jonas Brothers have dropped a brand new single called What a Man Gotta Do.

The song was released worldwide on Friday morning after being teased to fans via social media over the course of the week.

As the teaser snippets hinted towards, the three-minute song was released alongside an extravagant music video inspired by a number of cult-classic films from the 1970s and ’80s.

Not only that, but the artwork for the highly anticipated single sees the lads in a Saturday NightFever-inspired photoshoot.

NEW @jonasbrothers // WHAT A MAN GOTTA DO

— Republic Records (@RepublicRecords) January 17, 2020

Throughout the video, the brothers: Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas, are accompanied by their respective wives — who first joined the trio last March in the much-beloved music video for Sucker.

First, fans are treated to a Risky Business reference, in which a trouser-less Nick, 27, can be seen sliding into his living room and cheekily lip-syncing in front of his wife Priyanka Chopra — a clear homage to the 1983 scene made famous by Tom Cruise.

Secondly, Joe, 30, pulls out his best Danny Zuko (John Travolta) “hand-jive” as he dances in a Grease-inspired scene beside his Game of Thrones-star spouse, Sophie Turner — who plays not only Olivia Newton-John‘s character Sandy Olsson, but Annette Charles’ Charlene “Cha-Cha” DiGregorio too.

Then, everybody’s favourite Jonas, Kevin, 32, woos his longtime wife Danielle Deleasa in a direct take on John Cusack‘s Say Anything (1989) film.

Except this time around, as he’s standing outside of his lover’s window, the radio held high above his head eats the tape and he’s left to play What a Man Gotta Do out loud on his cellphone.

By listening to the lyrics and seeing their humorous video, it’s clear that the Jonas Brothers’ latest number is based simply upon their love for their respective wives.

“I’m not tryin’ to be your part-time lover,” sings Nick at the end of the first verse. “Sign me up for the full-time, I’m yours, all yours,” he continues.

On the repeated chorus, the three sing in unison: “So, what a man gotta do? / What a man gotta do? / To be totally locked up by you.”

Soo…. what did you think??

— Jonas Brothers (@jonasbrothers) January 17, 2020

What a Man Gotta Do is the third single released after the Jonas Brothers’ fifth and most recent studio album, Happiness Begins, which dropped last June.

As of this writing, it’s unclear if the trio is working on a follow-up album.

What a Man Gotta Do is now available through all major streaming platforms.

Additionally, physical copies can be purchased through the official Jonas Brothers website.

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