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‘Days of Our Lives’ actors fired, ending 1st gay couple storyline

Days of Our Lives actors Freddie Smith and Chandler Massey have been released from their contracts with the soap opera.

Smith and Massey play Sonny and Will, who are an on-again/off-again gay couple.

“Chandler and I were released from our contracts, so we will not be filming any more episodes after this week,” Smith said on his YouTube channel.

“I’m making this video about seven or eight days after we found out,” Smith explained. “So I’ve had time to process … We went through an emotional roller-coaster over the past eight days of really taking everything into consideration.

“It was not our choice. Chandler and I were looking forward to staying on and signing a contract and keeping the storyline going.”

Smith said that he does “understand that there’s a lot happening with Days of Our Lives.

In November 2019, the entire cast Days of our Lives was released from their contracts and the long-running soap opera went on an “indefinite hiatus.”

The series was quickly renewed afterwards, which prompted new negotiations with the cast members.

“I can only imagine that there was a big board of 35 actors … and they were like, ‘We’ve got to cut some people, so who is it going to be?’ And it landed on me and Chandler,” Smith said.

Due to the fact the show shoots six months in advance, Sonny and Will will remain onscreen until September, Smith confirmed in his video.

“Though it’s sad and shocking, I want to celebrate what we’ve created,” the actor told his fans. “That’s what I want to focus on.”

Massey quoted Smith’s tweet, writing: “Wish it weren’t coming to an end, but I will be forever grateful to everyone who went on this journey with us.”

Wish it weren’t coming to an end, but I will be forever grateful to everyone who went on this journey with us.

— Chandler Massey (@ChandlerMassey) February 12, 2020

Many fans of Days of Our Lives took to Twitter to express their displeasure over the release of Massey and Smith.

Freddie and Chandler's contracts end in September???? No more #Wilson??? Fine, no more #Wilson, no more #DaysOfOurLives. Period.

— Sebastian Sturges (@gallavich2016) February 12, 2020

Dear Days of our lives producers,

You're making a big mistake.

Very big mistake. You could make history, but you're choosing not to.

Even more, Chandler and Freddie deserve more than this.

Sincerely, both Will and Sonny fans.#DaysOfOurLives

— Lies (@Liesadventure) February 12, 2020

This makes my heart very sad!!! I’ve always loved this storylineand both of you. You will be missed!!! 😞

— Elizabeth Bailey (@dukecoulard) February 12, 2020

this is such sad news for us fans. Thanks @freddiemsmith and @ChandlerMassey for all the years of

— Denyse Giguere 🍁 (@denysegiguere) February 12, 2020

I'm shocked and mad. Days of our lives is going to lose alot of ratings because of this. Yall are the reason I started watching Days in 2011. I wish yall luck on all your Future endeavors and projects. But I hope and pray Days come to their senses bring yall back. Love yall

— Leah Moulder (@Leahmo34) February 12, 2020

This is heartbreaking news I cant believe this 🙁

You are amazing and will be missed but cant wait to see what your future holds for you ❤️

I love you 🥰❤️

— Gina Kaus (@GinaKaus) February 12, 2020

Are you flipping KIDDING ME!!!!! What the hell is going on? This is a sign that the season 56 if @nbcdays is the last. As someone who has watched since the early 70s, this is heartbreaking. Maybe everyone not being hired can do webisodes!!!! I'm so sorry.

— Sure Jan 🙄🤖🇺🇸 Trump🚂 (@Rosebudd40) February 12, 2020

I am completely speechless. I'm actually crying. Maybe that's silly but you guys are the reason I started watching #Days again. I'm so heartbroken for you both. And the fans because I love #WilSon! 😥

— Ashley 🏹 (@SmoakandAsh) February 12, 2020

WHAT??? Nooo they can't do this! This is the most stupid decision #Days has ever made !! You guys are the reason I'm watching.. I'm so heartbroken & so shocked rn!! Gonna miss my #Wilson so much 😭💔💔 #NoWilsonNoDays

— Şคlly✨ (@Westlife_sally) February 12, 2020

this is freaking terrible……I don't even know what to say!!! You 2 are incredible actors and have built such an important legacy within the show. I'm so disappointed @nbcdays

— Canadian Girl (@Canadiangirl_72) February 12, 2020

Some fans even created a petition to bring Massey and Smith’s characters back to the show.

NBC: Bring Chandler Massey and Freddie Smith Back To Days of our Lives – Sign the Petition! via @Change

We have seen what petitions can do before. #Wilson fans need your support. #Days

— 👑 j e s s i c a 👑 (@queenofcruel) February 13, 2020

NBC has not commented on the release of Massey and Smith’s characters as of this writing.

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