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Jullie Y. Daza

Jullie Y. Daza

From the time he was in high school, he had had a series of sweethearts, some of them simultaneously and well into his first spanorce, “but they were quick to leave me.”

Not for want of charm and the thrill of falling in love, but was narcissism his problem? As friends suspected, was he so lovable of himself that he was unloving? Wise men don’t fall in love, say the clever ones. On the other hand, if you haven’t loved, you haven’t lived. The word “fall” is apt because being caught in the game of love is an impulse that not everyone can afford. A colleague’s “open secret” consisted of four loving women, 11 lovable kids.

A spanorce bill is pending in the 18th Congress, the most zombie-like piece of legislation that has died, resurrected, only to sleep the sleep of the just and unjust, a dream that keeps repeating itself. One legislator griped that the bill was too quickly passed on third reading – hey, Rip Van Winkle, wake up! They’ve been arguing, Congress after Congress! Fundamentally, the disagreements are based on the constitutional prayer that the family must be protected by the state as society’s first, most basic unit.

Well, then, how many second (or third) families do you know that are not happy? If “family” implies only one per couple, is it explicit in the Constitution? You and I have friends and relatives who belong to more than one family – and they lead the same mundane, normal lives no different than the rest of us, plus they’re not ostracized by society. Some lawmakers, ahem!, are walking examples of how to make the second marriage work like a charm.

A couple broke up after their third child. They went their separate ways and each found a new life with a new spouse. At first, the big sister of Janet didn’t like Mr. X as her brother-in-law, he was twice spanorced and such a man-about-town. But big sister changed her mind when she realized how “he let Janet fly!”

If matrimony is the leading cause of spanorce, and love is the glue that holds a family, let the unloving and unlovable stay single. To singles who enjoy mingling without singling out anyone, Happy Valentine’s Day!

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