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‘Lost’ co-star Maggie Grace calls out Evangeline Lilly for coronavirus comments

Actor Maggie Grace has called out her former Lost co-star Evangeline Lilly for her controversial comments about the new coronavirus.

Lilly upset fans last week when she announced she had decided to not practise self-isolation or social distancing and said things are still #BusinessAsUsual at her house.

Grace said Lilly’s comments were “concerning” and she should show “compassion” to those who are not in perfect health.

“Hey there, I read your pre-edit post and I find it concerning. There’s no need to panic, but at the same time this is about all of us- the vulnerable, the immunocompromised, older folks,” Grace wrote on Wednesday in a comment on Lilly’s Instagram post.

“No doctor should have to choose which patients get life saving care and which patients get sent home to die- the sort of triage that is happening in Italy right no. Think about how these small decisions effect (sic) your dad and those in your community as ventilators run out,” Grace wrote, referencing Lilly’s father she’s living with, who the actor says “has stage four lukemia (sic).”

Grace poked fun at the fact Lilly took her children to gymnastics camp last week.

“Your kids will be fine without gymnastics, I promise. Be well.”

Grace also suggested that Lilly reach out to their former co-star Daniel Dae Kim, who revealed that he has tested positive for COVID-19 last Thursday.

“PS Daniel said he is doing a lot better btw. I don’t know, maybe you guys wanna chat?” Grace ended her note.

Maggie Grace's response to Evangeline Lilly's instagram post 👀

— LOST (@LOST_Daily) March 24, 2020

Last week, Lilly posted a photo of tea on Instagram, captioning it, “#morningtea Just dropped my kids off at gymnastics camp. They all washed their hands before going in. They are playing and laughing. #businessasusual.”

Many of Lilly’s followers began to criticize her in the comment section of her post.

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“No Corona House Arrest?” one fan asked.

Lilly responded to the fan, writing: “Not for this family.”

Another follower wrote: “You know, carriers with no symptoms do exist.”

The Ant-Man and the Wasp actor referred to the new coronavirus as a “respiratory flu” and added: “There’s ‘something’ every election year.”

“Where we are right now feels a lot too close to marshall (sic) law for my comfort,” Lilly wrote, referencing martial law, which is the imposition of direct military control of normal civilian functions by a government.

“Let’s be vigilant right now… keeping a close eye on our leaders, making sure they don’t abuse this moment to steal away more freedoms and grab more power but gracious with each other as we try to navigate the unknown dangers of a modern, global world and power structure,” the Lost actor continued. “Stay in touch. We’re in this together.”

In another comment, Lilly told her followers that she’s living with her father “who has stage four lukemia (sic).”

“I am also immune compromised at the moment. I have two young kids. Some people value their lives over freedom, some people value freedom over their lives,” she wrote. “We all make our choices. With love and respect. EL.”

Questions about COVID-19? Here are some things you need to know:

Health officials caution against all international travel. Returning travellers are legally obligated to self-isolate for 14 days, beginning March 26, in case they develop symptoms and to prevent spreading the virus to others. Some provinces and territories have also implemented additional recommendations or enforcement measures to ensure those returning to the area self-isolate.

Symptoms can include fever, cough and difficulty breathing — very similar to a cold or flu. Some people can develop a more severe illness. People most at risk of this include older adults and people with severe chronic medical conditions like heart, lung or kidney disease. If you develop symptoms, contact public health authorities.

To prevent the virus from spreading, experts recommend frequent handwashing and coughing into your sleeve. They also recommend minimizing contact with others, staying home as much as possible and maintaining a distance of two metres from other people if you go out.

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