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Jullie Yap DazaJullie Yap Daza

Jullie Y. Daza

Not a typo there. KoVid, according to my daughter, stands for Korean Video, not necessarily inspired by CoVid-19.

This is a true story. Once upon a time in a galaxy not so far away, there lived a couple, Maria and Mario. They were not a perfect couple, they had arguments and LQ’s (lovers’ quarrels) every so often like any other married pair but more so during the long ECQ.

Which was why Maria took to chatting with her friends in virtual space more often, how she discovered Korean dramas. She stopped feuding with her husband, stayed away from arguments and did some serious Seoul-searching on whatever platforms KoVid was available. As her repertoire of delightful, watchable KoVid dramas grew, her fights with Mario dwindled.

On this note the Maria-Mario cold war ends – since Mario has been won over, transformed into a noncombatant. He no longer picks fights with his wife, because quarantine hours are spent watching KoVid with Maria. Two for the price of one.

Their story pales against news that Smart Communications will launch on Monday a nine-second TV clip of Hyun Bin, aka Capt. Ri of Netflix’s history-making hit, Crash Landing on You. For the sequel, Manny Pangilinan, another KoVid follower, will try to secure a crash landing of the superstar in Manila.

The next cliffhanger will see Hyun Bin in an ad for Bench, and you can take that to the bank.

As enamored as fans are of Hyun Bin as a North Korean soldier who falls in love with a SoKor fashionista in CLOY, not many are familiar with Snow Queen (2006), where he plays a math genius who cannot forget the eight-year-old girl he met when he was a high school student. Snow Queen never made it as a spectacular hit, though the material is achingly, longingly romantic and the characters are more sensitively fleshed out. It’s Hollywood’s Love Story told in a sweet, hurting way, but before the heartbreak there’s fun and camaraderie just like in CLOY.

Hyun Bin’s admirers will find more of him to like in Snow Queen. Here he displays a fantastic acting range, using his voice to paint colors and shadows into his emotions.

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