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Anna Camp of ‘Pitch Perfect’ airs inkling on how she got COVID-19

‘Pitch Perfect’ star Anna Camp revealed she had COVID-19.

And Camp believes she got the disease that “one time” she “decided to forgo wearing a face mask in public.”

The actress said on Instagram she had already tested negative for the disease, but was “extremely sick for over three weeks” and still has “lingering symptoms.”

“I was incredibly safe. I wore a mask. I used hand sanitizer. One time, when the world was starting to open up, I decided to forgo wearing my mask in public. One. Time. And I ended up getting it. I believe it may have been because of that one time,” Camp said.

Camp said having COVID-19 was more than having a flu, and that she lost her sense of smell and taste.

“Other persistent symptoms are (a month later) dizziness, extreme fatigue, impacted sinuses, upset stomach, nausea, vomiting, and fever,” the actress said.

“I’m lucky. Because I didn’t die. But people are.”

Camp encourages the public to wear masks at all times, even when they feel like it’s safe to no longer wear one.

“Please wear ur mask. It can happen any time. And it can happen to anyone. Even that one time you feel safe. We can all make a difference. Wearing a mask is saving lives,” she said.

“Please be safe out there. Let’s all do our part and wear a mask. I don’t want any of you to go through what I did. Even though it’s a little thing, it can have a huge impact, and it’s so incredibly easy to do.”

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