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David Gilmour releases 1st new song in 5 years, ‘Yes, I Have Ghosts’

For the first time in nearly five years, David Gilmour has released a new solo song. It’s called Yes, I Have Ghosts.

Though the acoustic guitar-driven track was initially released as part of an audiobook edition of Polly Samson’s A Theatre for Dreamers (2020) novel back in April, Yes, I Have Ghosts was given a worldwide release on Thursday.

It’s the first new music from the former Pink Floyd musician since his critically acclaimed 2015 studio album Rattle That Lock.

Because the three-minute, 45 second tune was also inspired by her best-selling literary fiction novel, the lyrics were penned by Samson too — who also happens to be Gilmour’s wife — according to the song’s YouTube description.

My new song, 'Yes, I Have Ghosts' – featuring vocals and harp from Romany Gilmour – is available to download & stream everywhere now, at https://t.co/TaYebPXHfy. pic.twitter.com/j18SWitjPY

— David Gilmour (@davidgilmour) July 3, 2020

On top of Samson’s lyricism and Gilmour’s voice and guitar work, the couple’s youngest child, daughter Romany Gilmour, is featured on Yes, I Have Ghosts too. The 18-year-old provides backing vocals as well as a backing harp arrangement.

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Yes, I Have Ghosts is now available through all major streaming platforms.

As of this writing, it’s unclear if Gilmour is working on a fifth studio album.

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