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COVID-19, Elections And Protests: Views From HuffPost Readers

COVID-19, Elections And Protests: Views From HuffPost

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Trump Won’t Say Whether He Will Accept 2020 Election Results: ‘I Have To See’

“Please don’t take this election for granted. VOTE!!!!!”

— Leslie Smart

“Trump logic: He wins, it’s all on the up and up. He loses, it’s rigged.”

— Max Lord

Trump Doubles Down On Claim Coronavirus Will Disappear: ‘I’ll Be Right Eventually’

“Everyone needs to ask themselves in whose hands they would like to put their personal safety?”

— Amanda Anderson

“Eventually everything ends. Trump is just admitting that he has no idea when or how to make it happen sooner.”

— TC

Missouri Governor Says School Kids Will Catch COVID-19 And ‘Get Over It’

“Civil disobedience. Who has supreme control over your children? The parents. Don’t take them to school. Push for electronic learning at least until there is a vaccine.”

— Alice Oles

“Our scientists don’t yet know the specifics on the ‘get over it’ aspects of this virus. There could well be effects that are not immediately apparent.”

— Phyllis Tallent

Trump Has Unleashed Authoritarian Violence In Portland. What City Is Next?

“This should be the top story in every newspaper, every site and every TV news show/network. The republic will survive a pandemic, but it will not survive authoritarianism.”

— Mark Lewandoski

“This is how you make America great: by instilling fear in the people. Before, only minorities and the poor were fearful. Now, America is fearful.”

— Niyi Delano

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