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Uniform, logo mockups for five alternate nicknames for Washington’s NFL team

Uniform, logo mockups for five alternate nicknames for Washington’s NFL teamUniform, logo mockups for five alternate nicknames for Washington’s NFL team

Momentum is building for Washington’s NFL team to change its nickname.

On Thursday, FedEx released a statement saying it had asked the team to come up with a new name.

“We have communicated to the team in Washington our request that they change the team name,” FedEx said in the statement, per NFL.com.

As CNBC noted, FedEx paid $205 million in 1998 for Washington’s stadium naming rights in a deal that runs through 2025. CEO Frederick Smith is a minority owner of the team.

Nike removed all of Washington’s gear from its site, Sports Insider noted. Washington D.C.’s mayor said last month it was time for a nickname change.

If Washington owner Daniel Snyder decides to make the name change, fans have offered up some options for a replacement, along with mock-ups. Here is a look at five of them:


I hear y’all looking for a new team name @Redskins

(h/t @petemrogers) pic.twitter.com/e3YBAfxfG6

— Fake Teams (@faketeams) July 2, 2020

I actually do like the idea of the Washington Redtails. Look up the background on them.

But the logo needs some work. Think of this on the side of a helmet and you’ll know it needs some work. The name can’t be in the logo. pic.twitter.com/0F60qCZaV8

— (@bentleyhaskins) July 3, 2020


Change the name to Washington Warriors. There are so many options and they don’t even need to change much. pic.twitter.com/jgcLBEqnqh

— Dan Town (@DanTown22) July 2, 2020

I have also loved the spear helmet and would be 100% onboard with the Washington Warriors.#HTTRpic.twitter.com/0Qe8UCvHX9

— Hail To The Hogs (@HailHogs) July 2, 2020

Washington Warriors. Go back to this for a helmet decal/logo: pic.twitter.com/rcUP3fVsYR

— JF (@HopintheCordoba) July 2, 2020


If they’re going to force the redskins to change their names I like the old suggestion of The Washington Griffins. pic.twitter.com/f23pd2YvEI

— Rectal Bisque (@BisqueRectal) July 3, 2020


I think I have an idea for the Washington Redskins.

They should rebrand as the DC Defenders. I created a mock-up of what their new uniforms might look like.

BEFORE vs AFTER: pic.twitter.com/lJGGtOB5TU

— Chill Collins (@JOEinPHX) July 3, 2020



New name:

I say “Pigskins”. Keeps the “skins” nickname. Keeps the song with minor tweaks. Connects to the “hogs”.

My wife says “Redfins” (see her drawing below) pic.twitter.com/5zh0IAukm7

— Neil Intrater (@NeilIntrater) July 3, 2020

Here are a couple of other options, starting with the name of the Washington team in the movie “The Replacements.”


Washington Warriors??? If you have to change the name there is only one acceptable answer…..Sentinels! Then first game Shane Falco takes the first snap….it freakin writes itself! pic.twitter.com/FM58THpGAY

— SWAGGY️️ (@_swaggy21) July 2, 2020

There is only one choice for the @Redskins new mascot… #Sentinels#Replacements#Falcopic.twitter.com/VlcPIAPKdY

— Alex Askey (@alexaskey_6) July 3, 2020


No logos here, just the reason behind the name:

We have the @Nationals and the @Capitals, so how about the @Redskins just make themselves the Federals. Logo can be an Eagle, mascot can be Fred the Fed (Eagle in Secret Service looking uniform), cheer group called The Feds, “Fed”Ex sponsor already. Team colors tbd.

— UCF Knight (@ucf_knight_08) July 3, 2020

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