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5 safe grocery shopping tips during lockdown

Even with eased quarantine conditions, health and safety remain important especially when doing regular errands that entails leaving the hose. When doing groceries and getting essentials for the home, for instance, there’s no harm in taking extra precautions. Here are helpful tips to help minimize the risks while shopping for groceries:

Wear full protective equipment. While wearing a face mask may be enough, you may also want to consider wearing a full set of protective gear. Face shields and gloves can definitely help reduce the risk of contracting illnesses.

Go during off-peak hours and days. Try going to the supermarket when there are fewer people around. Go during weekdays and early mornings to avoid the crowd.

Keep a list and stick to it. The less time you spend in the grocery store, the better. Before going to the supermarket, make a list of all the items you need so you know where to go and finish shopping quickly. Sticking to your list also helps in preventing unnecessary purchases.

Avoid using cash and disinfect your items. Consider paying for your groceries either with credit or debit card or other forms of contactless payment. Paper money has a higher risk of carrying viruses and diseases, so the less contact with other people, the better. Don’t forget to disinfect your hands as well as the items you bought with alcohol or disinfectant sprays.

Shop for groceries online. For those who really want to stay safe while still getting the things they need, online shopping is an option. Most brands are already available from your favorite online stores. All you need to do is wait for your orders, disinfect the products once they arrive, and they’re ready to be used or consumed.


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