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5 things I’ve learned from Facebook and real life

As the world remains virtually at a standstill, I have found time for introspection.

Since I work in social media, I’ve been thinking about things in this industry, especially the Philippines’ favorite social media platform, Facebook. Because it’s a necessity to be on this platform almost the whole day, I see some parallelisms in real life and social media. On Facebook, if you look hard enough, you find lessons along the way. I’d like share a few.

Never air your private grievances in public. If you have something not so nice to say about something, it may be better to do something constructive with it. Now don’t get me wrong — your Facebook page, your rules, obviously. But I’m talking about personal grievances about your private life and your work. I doubt that most of us would air our bad vibes in public offline. So why should we do it online? Oh, and the passive-aggressive status posts don’t really work in getting the point across either. Also, some of us forget that we have coworkers, colleagues and (gasp!) bosses as Facebook “friends.” Make sure that there is nothing in your post or rant that may get you in trouble.

The only time it’s ok. The only time it’s ok to air your grievances is when you’re talking to call the attention a public entity or company — especially concerning customer service. Somehow, such complaints force the concerned companies to act faster.

Learn how to adapt. With the way Facebook and other platforms change their layout periodically, you need to figure out a new way to do things. The way that things are laid out on the page when the look changes, just like in life, it is not always easy understand. But always try your best.

It’s ok to let things pass. There are times when you see or read things that are not to your liking, or makes you feel uncomfortable. The trick is to just scroll through. You don’t have to comment, or even if you do, it could be done privately. It’s the same with the physical world. I have had disagreements on fundamental issues with friends, and it’s always been better dealt with in private than having 10 other people commenting on it. Bonus point here is that if you’re faced with something that makes you feel uncomfortable, it can be an opportunity to see “the other side” of things and even confront the reasons why you feel uncomfortable.

Let your freak flag fly. Most of the time, we’re all just trying to get by. We have our little hobbies and interests to get excited about. It’s great to be with like-minded people, online and off, and it’s always a good thing to interact with people with the same interests. It helps with your algorithm, too! But, truly, it may sound trite, but especially with the lack of real-life interactions, interesting online groups (and some are taken to other sites as well) are really great and helps with people’s stress levels.

Learned anything from an unusual source recently?

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