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And now, soy sauce art?

Thea Sophia Disabelle only had a bottle of Silver Swan Soy Sauce, a large plate and limitless imagination to create unique works of art. Photographs courtesy of FB/ Thea Sophia Disabelle

One wonders how 19-year-old Communication student Thea Sophia Disabelle from Bantayan Island, Cebu, came up with the idea of practicing her artistic skills on a plate using an edible medium.

With much time in their hands during this longest pandemic, the youth have thought of various ways to occupy their time — and this “soy sauce art” is arguably better than, say, spending too much time on the phone.

“It all started when I poured a little amount of soy sauce into a saucer, since I needed it for my fried fish,” said Thea, who made her first soy sauce artwork back in March using Silver Swan Soy Sauce, a staple in their pantry. “After that, I paused for three seconds while staring at it — something was beautifully formed. After I had my breakfast that day, I asked myself, ‘Why not make art using soy sauce?’”

She mused, “It’s just a matter of creativity, dedication and willingness to learn something new. You just have to be creative in making nothing into something. That’s how art works.”

While Thea always had access to Silver Swan Soy Sauce as it was the family’s preferred brand since her childhood, it would take her a few more months before trying to make another soy sauce artwork after her first one. This time, however, people took notice.

“I posted it on Facebook and didn’t expect to get many likes, comments and shares,” she said. “Fortunately, it really went viral and I was so overwhelmed.”

Although Thea also creates art using paint, pastels and pencils, she likes the convenience that soy sauce allows, recommending it to artists who may have challenges getting art materials during the quarantine. Silver Swan Soy Sauce, made of high-quality soybeans, also provides artists a unique texture to work with, distinguishing it from the usual materials and providing a tamang-tamang timpla even to art.

“The texture looks so cool after a while,” she says. “Artists just need soy sauce, a large plate and imagination. It’s tricky to do this kind of artwork because one wrong move, you’ll have to start all over again. It might be an ephemeral artwork, but it’s worth the effort.”

One supposes, after creating a visual feast on a plate, one should immortalize it on social media and mop up the art with some food!

As a token of recognition for Thea’s creativity and resourcefulness, NutriAsia, makers of Silver Swan will be sending her and her family more of their products for their use — whether it’s for their food or for more of Thea’s art.

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