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Anti-blue light skin regimen

PROTECT the skin from harmful light through AHC’s extensive line of skincare products.

How is working from home damaging to skin health?

The answer lies in the screen — and we do not mean sunscreen.

Since more time now is spent in front of computer screens, it means more exposure to blue light, a high-energy visible light that comes from the sun but is also given off by electronic devices.

This harmful light quickly darkens our skin by two shades and reduces skin barrier recovery rate up to 40 percent, which leads to skin redness, chapping and irritation.

Trust the Korean beauty industry to come up with a beauty solution! The brand AHC is known for its effective delivery of hydrating and brightening benefits to keep the skin protected and glowing.

With multi-functional products from what is touted as the “No.1 Korean Aesthetic Skincare Brand,” Filipinas can achieve bright and youthful skin while working from home and even when they go back to their workplaces.

Toner with more benefits

To counter the ill effects of blue light on skin, a rich moisture is needed like an armor. With three forms of Hyaluronic Acid — the low, medium and high molecular weights — the Aqualuronic Toner hydrates every inch of the skin from the inside and out.

This highly moisturizing liquid toner gently seeps into the skin with a refreshing fluid formula to refine its texture. The Aqualuronic Toner comes with a special moisture solution that contains Ceramide and French Sea Water to fortify the skin barrier.

Each bottle is powered with niacinamide that cools down skin temperature.

Gently apply the refreshing Aqualuronic Toner over the face and neck then lightly pat for one minute or until the product is fully absorbed.

Aqualauronic Toner.

Magic of peonies

Produced in Gangwon-do, the cleanest province in Korea that is known for its pristine beauty, the Peony Bright is AHC’s brightening line that is made from pink peony flowers and clinically proven to brighten skin in just four weeks.

To yield the ultimate brightening effects, the essence from pink peony is enriched as it goes through the K-Ferment Technique, an essence extraction technology inspired by the Korean traditional enrichment technique, Ihwa Fermentation.

Part of the Peony Bright line are the Peony Bright Luminous Serum and Peony Bright Spot Corrector, both made for intensive skin brightening.

As exposure to blue light causes hyperpigmentation, the Peony Bright also has niacinamide that gives 100-percent protection to prevent spots, dryness and other signs of premature skin aging.

The Peony Bright Luminous Serum clarifies and brightens skin tone with vitamin C derivatives and palmaria palmata extract. The serum is quickly absorbed without leaving a sticky residue. While dry skin is replenished with moisture, natural pink radiance is revived.

After using the toner, get an appropriate amount and gently apply along the contours of the skin, then lightly dab for the skin to fully absorb the serum.


Peony Bright Brightening Range.

To fade pigmentations, the Peony Bright Spot Corrector comes with a rich cream formula and superior non-sticky absorption. To effectively fight dark spots, it is made with three botanical ingredients for quick and stable absorption. Small amounts of this can be used to treat problem areas.

Another kind of ‘essential mask’

As people strive to be more productive when working from home, taking a break isn’t prioritized. Pamper yourself with AHC’s Natural Essential Mask line that consists of Aqua Brightening, Aqua Nourishing, Aqua Lifting and Aqua Calming to prevent stress from taking a toll on your skin.

Aside from Aqua Ceramide and essence made with 93 percent natural ingredients, each of these hydrating facial masks comes with specific benefits for the skin.

Aqua Brightening has niacinamide and berry extracts to give a healthy glow. Boosting skin hydration by 18 percent, it helps even out the skin tone in four weeks. With the Aqua Nourishing that has soy and hydrolyzed vegetable proteins, get smoother skin by 11 percent in two weeks.

For 94 percent more resilient skin, apply the Aqua Lifting mask that has sunflower seed oil to improve skin’s elasticity. To soothe and vitalize stressed skin, go for the Aqua Calming that comes with Centella Asiatica.

All facial masks under the Natural Essential Mask line are made from 100 percent cotton sheet so it fits softly and lightly onto the skin. With the mask on, gently massage the face with fingertips and leave for 10 to 20 minutes. Afterwards, massage the face again for the remaining essence. Want a tip for best results? Refrigerate the mask before use until the thermometer sticker on the back of the pack turns green!

With the Aqualuronic Toner, Peony Bright and Natural Essential Mask that are available online, achieve bright, youthful and protected skin as AHC empowers Filipinas to be the best that they can be.

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