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Asia through ‘QuaranCooking’

Phat kaphrao is a classic quickie lunch made of rice and stir-fried crispy fried egg. PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF LISHENG CHANG FOR AGODA

Extended stay-at-home protocols have pushed people to get creative and come up with clever ways to explore new places. With Agoda’s Usage & Attitude survey showing food and dining experiences as the third top motivation to travel for Asians, it’s no surprise that Filipinos have been spending more time cooking in the kitchen.

Since people can’t travel yet, recreating the flavors of distant shores can be just as inspiring as an adventure in itself. Agoda invites travelers to go on their own culinary journey around Asia with these gastronomic delights to feed their wanderlust — and bellies!

Destination: Thailand

The dish: Phat kaphrao

Agoda’s booking data show that Thailand is the top country of choice for Filipino travelers — with Bangkok, Pattaya and Chiang Mai taking spots in the top 15 cities most visited by Filipinos. While travelers are unable to fly off to the Land of Smiles just yet, they can savor the authentic flavors of Thailand in their own kitchen by giving phat kaphrao a go. This classic quickie lunch order is easily available at high-end Thai restaurants, street-side carts and floating markets alike throughout Bangkok and is typically served over rice with a nice, crispy fried egg made in a stir fry wok. The dish embraces the contrast of saltiness, sweetness and sourness that are the secret to good Thai cuisine.

Destination: Indonesia

The dish: Rendang

Travelers who had looked forward to soaking up the sun and immersing themselves in the sights and sounds of Bali this year can still get a taste of Indonesia’s wonderful culture through their food from the comfort of their own home. Equatorial Indonesia has a plethora of amazing eats as hot as the weather itself, that visitors and locals love to sample — from nasi goreng, often touted as Indonesia’s national dish, to the gado-gado that translates to “mix-mix” which Jakartans love to pair with cashew sauce instead of peanut sauce. But if there’s one worth trying to cook yourself, rendang has to be it. It is a spicy, slow-cooked meat dish — usually beef — made with lemongrass, coconut milk and a ton of flavorful spices. This dish is traditionally served on special occasions, but who says you can’t treat yourself today?

Indulge in the slow-cooked Indonesian dish rendang.


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