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Bedtime drinks to get you by

It’s scotch for food writer Cyrene dela Rosa, who confessed she had opened a bottle of hers which she had been happily drinking since the start of the lockdown.  PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF STAR SABROSO

Two realizations in pandemic times: First, you need not go to a bar or be in a crowd to enjoy a good drink. Second, with prolonged quarantine periods, drinking alone is self-care.

Finnish people have a lovely term for it: Päntsdrunk, which hints at some level of anti-social attitude, an option to drink alone in the most comfortable clothing possible — in this case, in one’s underwear. Now that’s a really carefree attire while sipping and reflecting on the day’s events.

Call it nightcap if you will. That one last drink before you call it a night. With social distancing a vital part of health protocols vs. COVID-19, päntsdrunk and however else one wants to call it, has become a worldwide growing habit.

In an article written by Olaiya Land on wearelionesse.com titled “Self-Care as Rebellion,” the author discusses how self-care especially among women is an important act in staying strong to continue winning one’s daily battles. And, if one may add, to fighting the pandemic.

She wrote: “I’ve always thought that consistent self-care is an act of rebellion in a society that tells women they need to give and nurture until they collapse. But now, more than ever, self-care is a meaningful act. A political act. A statement that you are worth caring for. And an essential part of staying mentally and physically healthy enough to continue pushing forward with the work that needs doing.”

And so, with my glass of pinot noir, its sweet edginess having a subtle but strong punch — or, with my mug of coffee splashed with coconut-perfumed Malibu rum — I begin my bedtime ritual with the latest episode of Flower of Evil or Alice, and till I slumber into K-drama lalaland.

Thanks to boozy.ph and other delivery services for the convenience of bringing liquor at the doorsteps of quarantined humanity.

But this ritual of solo drinking isn’t just unique to me. Curiosity has also led me to find out what other women friends drink for some evening cheer.

Joy Galvez takes a sip of her favorite drink while temporarily living in New York.  PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF JOY GALVEZ

Joy Galvez, a Filipino-American who had worked in Kabul, Afghanistan for development projects and who is home (for the meantime) in New York, says her preferred drink hasn’t changed and wherever part of the world she’s in: “If it’s cold, it’s mostly red wine, or beer if I’m indoors. If it’s warm, it’s white wine or gin and tonic, or screwdriver.”

Freelance Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET)-certified food writer and content creator Cyrene de la Rosa says: “I usually enjoy a dram of whisky or any other favorite spirit as a nightcap.”

Cyrene, my amazing go-to friend for spot-on recommendations, adds: “I opened a special bottle of Scotch at the start of the lockdown. So, that’s my default drink now. An Aberlour a bunadh from batch no. 22 with an ABV of 59.3 percent. I decided to open this particular bottle of whisky (the Scotch that got me into drinking whisky) because of its high ABV — hoping that its high alcohol content can somewhat protect me from COVID.

“I alternate with bottled cocktails from various bars and bartenders that I have been patronizing, which includes the following, in no particular order: The Back Room at Shang Fort Buccaneers; Run Rabbit Run; The Spirits Library; Yes Please at the Palace; OTO; and The Curator. I also recently got to try the new bottled cocktails business of one of the country’s best bartenders (Royce Pua), called Someyoung.ph.

“Thanks to the world’s longest lockdown, I also started making simple DIY cocktails at home. Depending on the ingredients I have on hand. Starting with the classic Aperol Spritz recipe. I’m planning to play with Negroni and Campari drinks next in celebration of the ongoing Negroni Week.”

And so, with no idea when we can sleep in a COVID-free world, here’s my long-stemmed glass greeting all the women out there with my sisterly “Cheers!” Remember, women, solo drinking is self-care.ra

Credit belongs to : www.tribune.net.ph


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