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Bugoy Cariño, 18, defends self from fathering daughter with EJ Laure, 23

Not everyone is happy with Bugoy Cariño finally admitting to fathering a daughter with volleyball star EJ Laure.

Angel Dei, a popular vlogger, has come out to denounce the matter, tweeting, “This is so wrong…”

She would go on to repost an old photo of Cariño looking very much the kid that we came to know and love, with Laure, who was towering over him.

Bugoy Cariño with EJ Laure

“I can’t believe some people are defending this,” Dei added.

Apparently, Dei is among the few who can’t accept the fact that Cariño, 18, is five years younger than Laure, 23.

Cariño was quick to react to Dei’s post.

He said, “O wag nyo daw i-defend. G na g si ate.

“Opo alam namin na may mali sa ginawa namen, pero para i-judge kami basta basta? Ibang usapan na po yun… hindi nyo po alam buong story namin.

“At least ako kahit bata pa pinanindigan ko lahat ng responsibilidad ko at hindi ko po tinakbuhan.”

Cariño and Laure trended on social media Friday revealing for the first time their baby.

Laure, Cariño and their baby

Note the reveal coincided with Cariño’s 18th birthday.

It took the couple two years to admit to being parents despite sustained speculation about it following Cariño’s sudden disappearance from “It’s Showtime.”

Laure, on her part, had denied her pregnancy.

In an interview two years ago about her absence in some games, Laure maintained it was mainly due to an injury.



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