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Cebuanos decry poor water quality

Cebu City residents have been living with intermittent water supply for the past months, a concern already forwarded to the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA) and even the Office of the President.

One water utility company in the middle of the locals’ outrage is the Metropolitan Cebu Water District (MCWD) whose frequent service interruption was not the only thing being called out but also the poor quality of water reaching the pipelines of its consumers.

Rainier Belleza Jr., is one of the Cebu City residents who formally aired his complaint against MCWD in writing, stating that water being delivered by the provider comes with “dirt or sand.”

“This can only mean that the water is yucky. This is not acceptable! That is why we are not anymore drinking tap water,” Belleza said in his letter sent to LWUA acting Administrator Jeci Lapus, and added the matter “must be addressed soon.”

He likewise blasted MCWD for bragging about the supposed cleanliness of the water coming from their system and claims of being a responsible water provider being an ISO-certified organization, and yet consumers’ water supply is often interrupted or sometimes none at all.

Belleza also criticized the non-reply of MWCD’s legal counsels about his and other customers’ concerns and challenged the firm’s inspectors “to come over to the house” and see for themselves the dirt and sand that has settled at the bottom of his containers.

“By being silent, the company is probably guilty,” he asserted.

LWUA, through its Utilities Development Division 3, has referred the complaint to MCWD acting general manager Stephen Yee.

The Daily Tribune attempted to get the MCWD’s board of directors led by Atty. Jose Daluz but no reply to its request had been received until press time.

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