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Celebrities condemn MTRCB for urging lawmakers to allow it to regulate Netflix, other streaming sites

Not a few celebrities expressed disappointment with the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) making clear its resolve to police international streaming platforms such as Netflix.

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Some deem it an altogether brash display of self-indulgence, while others thought it downright senseless if also ridiculous.

Actress Angelica Panganiban said in a tweet, “Grabe na din. Pati streaming gusto na pakelaman. Papatayin niyo na talaga ang industriya. Inuna niyo ang free TV. Bukas pag gising natin, North Korea na to.”

She didn’t stop there.

She added, “Bakit ba takot na takot kayo sa media at entertainment? Una press freedom…ngayon pati kalayaan naming gumawa at magkwento, totoo man o pagpapanggap, gusto niyo kontrolin. Tinatamaan ba kayo? Kasi masyadong malapit sa totoong buhay ang napapanood niyo?”

Beauty queen-actress Winwyn Marquez chimed in, “OMG pati ba naman NETFLIX? Gosh… MTRCB can you help people na nawalan ng work during this pandemic? Kesa pag initan ang Netflix? I mean, bakit pinoproblema ang hindi naman ata dapat problemahin?”

Actress Chai Fonacier was more forthright: “Dear MTRCB: Catch up. We’re not stupid.”

Actresa Nikki Valdez was sarcastic: “Bored ba kayo MTRCB?”

The Directors’ Guild of the Philippines (DGPI) also released a statement damning the suggestion noting “streaming sites like Netflix already have classifications, content warnings and parental controls in place. There is no need for more state control of what adults or their children can or cannot see.”

The DGPI maintained “additional regulation would also discourage the acquisition of local content, and thereby hurt the film industry at a time when it is struggling to survive.”

“In an era where choices are expanded, let us not contract ours,” the group added.

Even well-entrenched politicians have joined in on the fray.

Foreign Affairs Secretary Teddy Locsin said, “Enough na with idiot regulation. It’s on Netflix. The whole world is watching the show and it’s tuned to general patronage. Enough already with displaying ignorance. It’s embarrassing.”

Senate Minority Leader Franklin Drilon strongly thumbed down the proposal cautioning MTRCB against becoming a “tool of censorship.”

“It’s very impractical. There are thousands of shows on Netflix alone – how will MTRCB review each one? Can the MTRCB review every single content that can be accessed through the internet?” he said in a statement.

“What will they do about virtual private networks that allow users to access content from other countries? If they insist on it, then taxpayers will be paying MTRCB only to stream movies and shows 24/7, 365 days.”



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