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Displaced PHL workers swell

THE coronavirus pandemic has deprived workers around the globe of jobs. PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF OFFICIALGAZETTE.GOV.PH

The number of displaced private sector workers nationwide increased further to over 190,000 as of Monday, the Department of Labor and Employment reported Monday.

From 171,125 last week, the number of unemployed jumped to 190,024.

The displaced workers were from 10,177 firms that laid off employees or permanently shut down due to the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic.

About 89 percent (9,100) of the displaced workers were from companies that retrenched employees due to the negative economic impact while the other 11 percent (1,077) belonged to companies that permanently closed.

The National Capital Region still has the most number of reported displaced workers at 94,736, followed by CALABARZON at 35,908 and Central Luzon at 19,872.

Most affected industries were in the administrative and support service sector, where 40,937 workers were displaced.

The number of displaced workers was consolidated from companies reporting notices of shutdown and retrenchment to regional labor offices from January until 7 September.

International Labor Organization (ILO) data showed that between April to June, the world lost almost 400 million full-time jobs due to the pandemic.

Almost 59 percent of full-time jobs lost were in the Asia Pacific region, while South Asia accounted for 110 million of the total 235 million full-time jobs lost during the second quarter.

A recent survey by the Employment, Labor Markets and Youth Branch of ILO revealed that young people were around three times more likely to be unemployed than those aged 25 and above.

The ASEAN Post also reported, citing Asian Development Bank data, that the pandemic will threaten the employment of 68 million workers across Asia if the outbreak goes on until this month.

In Australia, unemployment surpassed one million for the first time as of August.

Data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics said unemployment rate was 7.5 percent in July — up from 7.4 percent in June, the highest level since November 1998.

In the United States, laid-off American workers collecting unemployment benefits declined from 15.5 million to 14.8 million in August. Twenty-two million jobs were lost in March and April but 9.3 million were regained in the past three months.

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