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Heart for self-care and wellness

AMID uncertain times, one thing Heart is sure of is giving utmost importance to her health and beauty. Photograph courtesy of KOTEX

Actress, artist, animal rights advocate and social media darling Love Marie “Heart” Evangelista adds another feather to her already filled-up cap. Now, the stylish celebrity takes up a new role as ambassador for two brands that both promote health and self-care especially for women.

The 35-year-old Kapuso star is using her influence during this pandemic by helping these brands and their twist of health awareness among women as her main mission.

Love yourself campaign

Heart is among the women featured in the Love Yourself a Little More campaign by feminine-pads company Kotex. In its TV commercial, various women are shown in acts of service whether for themselves or for people around them. The campaign challenges Filipinas to rethink their self-worth and empowers them to take care of themselves especially during times that they need it most, including when they have their monthly period.

Heart has recently seen making the most of her time in Sorsogon by letting her creative juices flow, extending care for her friends and family, and coming up with ways to marry her passion for the arts and her influence to help local communities thrive. Heart has taken it upon herself to evolve her manner of self-love — being unapologetic on how she internally practices it and extending this to everyone around her.

Heart says, “Tough times have definitely heightened the need to keep ourselves well because when we, as individuals, are fearlessly happy and healthy, then we can better support one another and offer the best of us, not what’s left of us. I am honored to represent Kotex Luxe and to empower women everywhere to unapologetically love themselves the way they value others, to further improve their holistic wellness and better extend care for the people around them. With Kotex Luxe, every Filipina can elevate their standard of care on red days and experience the luxurious skin comfort and protection that they truly deserve.”

The video also launched Kotex Luxe, the brand’s breakthrough ultra-thin pad that provides skin comfort and protection with its Silky Soft Bubble Bed, which is gentle and reduces skin irritation to the most intimate part of a woman’s body.

According to Kotex Philippines brand manager Ann Avellaneda, “With everything that is happening around the globe, we sometimes tend to forget to keep our wellbeing in check. We believe that while our consumers already value themselves, taking this a notch above through overflowing self-love is an important factor in conquering adversities, achieving our full potential, and extending love for others, this insight moved us to create this campaign and empower Filipinas to not be guilty of loving themselves a little more, because they deserve and need it in order to better give love to others.”

Gift of health and beauty

Despite her many roles, Heart doesn’t forget to be the devoted wife of Sorsogon Governor Chiz Escudero and diligent homemaker in their quarantined household in Sorsogon. Just recently on her 20 August vlog, Heart is seen cooking her favorite tuna pasta with a very lean but tasty sauce using her province’s specialty, pili nuts; canned chunky tuna; and a dash of Himalayan salt.

Heart continues to be aware of the need to care for one’s health, given the demands of her multiple roles. She says: “This year, I am giving myself the gift of beauty and health. ​While I knew then that the years would eventually take a toll on my skin, I am grateful to discover now that Vitamin C helps in the production of collagen, which is essential for healthy skin.​”

Poten-Cee + C, has tapped the actress to be its newest brand ambassador along with award-winning actress and fellow philanthropist Bea Alonzo. Heart and other active women will benefit from the multivitamin brand’s new variant that has two components: hydrolyzed collagen that helps hydrate the skin and helps reduce wrinkles, and Vitamin C that supports collagen production and boosts immunity.

Heart gives a wellness advise: “These are trying times for our country, especially with the prevalence of COVID-19. We really must do what we can to protect ourselves and to strengthen our immunity. We can do that by eating healthy food, embracing a healthy lifestyle, and taking food supplements such as Poten-Cee + C.”

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