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Liza Soberano asks netizens to be ‘more sensitive’ to public figures

Many are now asking Liza Soberano for help concerning their own internet service providers.

Apparently, they are hoping that through the actress, they will also get a quick response, making their connection better, faster.

On Twitter, the 22-year-old actress expressed seeming exasperation about it all.

Liza Soberano 

She asked, “Do I have to publicly message all of them for you?”

Another user tagged Liza about the issue.

“Humility is a good thing. but….okay maybe genuine humility isn’t something one easily gets tired of. and maybe Liza’s used to it. She knows it comes with the territory. Imagine being rude and envious and still hearing an apology?”

Liza responded, noting she knows and understands the frustration of others, and that, as a public wp-block-image size-large she will never get tired of explaining her position but she also shared her wish for people to be a “little more sensitive” towards public wp-block-image size-larges.

“Just because we’re celebrities doesn’t mean we deserve to just accept that they can hate us because they want to even if it’s not our faults but even so, I’m prepared to explain to make people understand better,” she said.

Last Sept. 6, Liza trended on Twitter airing her gripe against an internet provider.

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Two days later, another telecommunications company came to the young celebrity’s rescue.

The quick response she got garnered mixed reactions.

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Liza then released a statement apologizing to those she might have offended.

“I stumbled upon a few tweets from people who are upset (they) find my tweet about having fast internet offensive. I’m sorry your telecommunications provider isn’t taking care of your problems. In no way was it my intention to brag. I was just genuinely relieved to finally have fast internet,” she said.

The young star went on to address internet providers to “please do your best to help people out especially at a time like this when the internet has become an essential.”

“We’re all trying to survive and get school and work done…I could go on and on, but bottom line treat your customers fairly, no matter who they are. Cause people work hard to pay for their internet and most of our work is done online now.”

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