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MB Youth Talks first guests are Janina Vela, Rep. Sarah Elago, and Jules Guiang

The upcoming MB Youth Talks webinars is a partnership between Manila Bulletin Lifestyle and Impact Hub Manila

Mark your calendars for 4 p.m. this Friday, 11 Sep., to catch the first episode of Manila Bulletin Lifestyle’s latest series MB Youth Talks.

MB Youth Talks, a collaboration with entrepreneurship network Impact Hub Manila, is a series of inspirational webinars for the Filipino youth, by the Filipino youth.

This Friday, hear from the likes of Janina Vela, recording artist, content creator, and youth advocate; Rep. Sarah Elago, the youngest lawmaker woman in the Philippines as representative of the Kabataan Patylist; and Jules Guiang, entrepreneur and chairperson of the 2030 Youth Force Asia-Pacific Regional Council. You can even interact and ask them questions, so get ready. Impact Hub Manila founder and CEO Ces Rondario will moderate the first episode.

Who are the Filipino youth of today? Statistically, the Filipino youth sector comprises almost half of the total Philippine population. But ask any of the youth today and they’ll throw your statistics out the window.

They’re a diverse group of individuals with unique experiences, interests, and goals. If any generalizations could be made, you can say they are passionate, idealistic, and optimistic drivers of change. Instead of just seeing the world as it is, they see the world as it should be and are unafraid to ask why it isn’t so.

Youth voices come across as refreshingly raw and candid, earnestly honest and full of hope.

The Internet and social media have empowered young people with a wealth of information right at their fingertips, a platform to voice opinions, and a community that feels close no matter how far away they may physically be. But the double-edged sword of modern technologies has challenged the youth in ways previous generations never had to be challenged at such a young, impressionable age. There is misinformation that needs to be sifted through, the constant struggle against falling for confirmation bias, the pressures of social media, and the like.

That it is why it is vital to give the youth sector a platform for representation and interaction with each other as well as mavericks and leaders from whom they can all learn. Concepts such as culture and identity will be tackled and debunked, with new, updated meanings that encompass cross-generational ideologies.

Our invited speakers are passionate and influential in the Filipino youth community. With MB Youth Talks, they will not simply tackle what it means to be young and Filipino today, but how the Filipino youth can be their best selves to be the change they want to see.

MB Youth Talk: Reimagining Filipino Youth at 4 p.m. on Friday, Sep. 11. Streaming on Facebook and Zoom. Click attending on the Facebook event here for more information.



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