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Mooncake madness

Conrad Manila’s mooncakes come in Tropical Allure designer mooncake bag designed by Malaysian style icon Christy Ng.

With the rest of the Chinese communities located in different parts of the world, the Chinese-Filipino community in the Philippines will be celebrating the annual Mid-Autumn Festival on 1 October.

A festival celebrated primarily in China, it is also observed in other Asian countries like Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan, Singapore, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines.

The Mid-Autumn Festival celebrates the end of the autumn harvest. It is held on the 15th day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar that falls on different dates between September and October in the Gregorian calendar. This year, it falls on 1 October.

It is that time of the year when the moon is said to be at its fullest and brightest, and, so, through the years, it also became known as the Moon Festival and the Mooncake Festival. This is because the moon has a lot to do with its celebration, as the Chinese traditionally worshipped the moon and the full moon symbolized unity and reunion with family and relatives. So, families get together to share a reunion dinner, partake of a mooncake or two, and play the dice game. The second grandest celebration put together by Chinese communities all over the world, next only to Chinese New Year, the festival sees members of the family who study or work away from home take this opportunity to come home and be reunited in one grand celebration with the clan. And if any member of the family cannot come home for the celebration, simply appreciating or watching the same moon up in the heavens on the same night gives him (or her) the feeling that, though physically apart, they are still together.

Conrad Manila’s mooncakes come in Tropical Allure mooncake bag designed by Malaysian style icon Christy Ng.

At the center of the celebration is the mooncake, a small round cake filled with lotus bean paste, red bean paste, nuts, and a candied egg yolk in the middle that looks like and thus symbolizes the full moon. Different legends and folklore surround the mooncake, but what is certain is that its round shape signifies completeness and that its sharing by family members during the festive Mid-Autumn Festival symbolizes unity.

These days, mooncakes come in different sizes and shades. Designs are embossed on the thin, pastry-like crust that envelopes the mooncake, fillings vary, and the candied yolk comes in singles and, yes, doubles as well. Small as they are, mooncakes remain to be premium morsels that highlight the Mid-Autumn or Mooncake Festival, and hotels and prime Chinese restaurants spend a lot of time and effort not just on using quality ingredients and creating innovative variants but also on the packaging.

From Hong Kong with love

Perhaps one of the best mooncakes to have this Mid-Autumn Festival is Hong Kong MX Mooncakes. They are award-winning mooncakes which, incidentally, are available in Manila for a limited time via a pop-up store at the Main Mall of SM Mall of Asia until 4 October. It is the second year in a row that Double Down Import and Export Inc. has brought the top mooncake brand to Manila.

Hong Kong MX Mooncakes brings to Manila its classic lineup as well as brand new additions and packaging. The classic bestsellers — White Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake with Two Egg Yolks, and Lava Mooncake Series — return this year. They bring along exciting new flavors, such as the Lava Duet (which combines Lava Custard Mooncake and Lava Chocolate Mooncake) and the Delightful Moon repack with premium variations and the new Lava Chocolate filling.

But what’s really exciting is the Low-Sugar Mooncake Series that Hong Kong MX Mooncakes will be offering this year. It is a specially created Low Sugar White Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake with Egg Yolk, packaged in boxes of six mooncakes.

This year, the Delightful Moon Assorted Mooncake is also back in a modern and elegant box, which contains three classic and lava mooncake variants; while the Mooncake Exclusive Selection combines eight iconic flavors in a box. Some are lotus seed paste varieties, others utilize a red bean paste; while rounding out the eight are Low Sugar Mooncake variants as well as the Classic Mixed Nuts Mooncake, which is loaded with almonds, pecans, pine nuts, sesame and watermelon seeds.

These exquisite mooncakes are available at the pop-up store at SM MOA, but people can also order them via e-commerce giants Lazada and Shopee as well as food delivery apps foodpanda and GrabMart.

Traditional premium mooncakes

The spirit of togetherness is heightened even more now in celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival on 1 October, and the tradition of gift-giving in the form of mooncakes. Marco Polo Ortigas Manila’s award-winning authentic Cantonese restaurant Lung Hin presents traditional premium mooncakes in various embossed designs.

This year’s mooncakes come in four flavors: Red Bean with Double Egg Yolks, Red Lotus with Double Egg Eggs, White Lotus with Double Egg Yolks and Mixed Nuts.

Marco Polo Ortigas Manila’s Lung Hin offers premium mooncakes.

They are available individually at P798 per piece, but they also come in boxes of four at P2,888 and boxes of six at P3,888. Aside from regular premium red boxes, a special Limited Edition Treasure Chest box of four sells for P2,888.

For inquiries or orders, call +632 7720-7777 or email [email protected]

Handcrafted mooncakes

in designer bags

Conrad Manila brings mooncakes to a different level with its handcrafted mooncakes in “designer bag” packaging this year.

Available now for pre-order, with pick-up until 1 October, these handcrafted mooncakes are specially prepared by executive Chinese chef Eng Yew Khor of Conrad’s award-winning restaurant China Blue by Jereme Leung. They come in the following variants: Baked Traditional Red Bean Single Yolk, Baked White Lotus with Lava Custard, and Baked Fragrant Pandan with Lava Coconut.

For inquiries or pre-orders, call +639176504043 or +632 8833-9999.

Truly, mooncakes have evolved with time!

Mooncakes’ round shape signifies completeness.

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