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Regine Tolentino radiates wellness inside and out

REGINE is stronger than ever through Radiance C Vitamin C Plus (Photo courtesy of Radiance C)

Way before her pandemic “new motherhood,” actress, celebrity host and businesswoman Regine Tolentino had always exuded a radiant personality. Her ability to sway through life’s ups and downs with grace speaks much about the strength at her core.

When Daily Tribune interviewed her in April, just weeks after she had given birth to her third daughter, Rosie Rignée, Regine confided about her nerve-wracking pregnancy that came 19 years after the last one.

“This pregnancy was so special for me because I got to experience it with my two first miracles, Reigne and Reigen. I was able to get through the first two trimesters with flying colors because I didn’t know about my pregnancy until I was almost into the third trimester. I was traveling to different countries and provinces for work, working out at the gym, dancing and doing corporate events so I was completely blown away when I found out. Dondi and I were absolutely ecstatic that we were having a baby because we have always talked about it but we didn’t think it would be a reality.”

Months later, during her launch as endorser of Radiance C Vitamin C Plus, Regine admitted that this milestone in her midlife can be counted as one of the challenges in her life that allowed her to say, “I am stronger than I thought I was.”

“I felt so empowered and strong to be a mom again at my age,” she replied to the Daily Tribune question.

While her first two trimesters were “a breeze because I didn’t feel any symptoms of pregnancy except for a little weight gain,” the fortysomething hot momma realized after giving birth that her body was no longer the same way it was when she bore her first two daughters.

Though strong and healthy, being a staunch advocate of wellness, Regine had to cope with a more difficult recovery period physically — and that is on top of the worries and fears she faced because of the health pandemic.

“In the last month of my pregnancy, I experienced a lot of weight gain, intense edema and developed carpal tunnel syndrome in both my hands. I was so anxious to give birth at this time because it was the start of enhanced community quarantine and it was a very chaotic and stressful time. I was in and out of the hospital from 3 March until 16 March when I checked in. I was induced and ended up in labor for 26 hours because my cervix would not dilate. Because of this, an emergency caesarian section was performed and I gave birth on 17 March at 9:25 p.m. to Rosie Rignée,” she told the Daily Tribune in an interview last April.

“Although I have a very strong mother’s instinct, it still felt like I was having a child for the first time because of all the new products, technology and parenting techniques. I was confident to go into this pregnancy because of the plethora of easily accessible information that can be found online and I also have a strong support system from our family. I was also very happy and lucky that I was in shape before and during the pregnancy and have always led a healthy lifestyle, so I was certain that it was going to be another amazing experience,” she added.

“As a health and wellness advocate, it makes the need to be healthy and fit all the more relevant. We are all fighting an invisible enemy, so our bodies, wallets and homes need be prepared to fight this sickness and all the unfortunate consequences that come with it. The awareness, knowledge and accessibility of food and medicine is now extremely crucial. Besides taking the necessary health, safety and sanitary precautions, we must also do our part by practicing social distancing and staying at home.”

Regine believes Radiance C Vitamin C Plus contains everything one needs during this time. It is the first and only US-made non-acidic Vitamin C supplement in Watsons that features a unique combination of seven powerful active ingredients all working in synergy to maximize vitamin C’s benefits — a great value for money for only P11.00 per capsule.

Aside from collagen, which is good for the skin, Regine likes the quercetin in this vitamin because the powerful antioxidant found in plants and the skin of some fruits is known for its anti-inflammatory and antihistamine (anti-allergy) effects. Information provided by the makers of Radiance C reveals that it “is also good for the heart and blood vessels, maintaining a healthy blood pressure and in preventing some cancers, chronic diseases and even certain neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s.”

The other beneficial ingredients in each capsule are calcium ascorbate, selenium, Vitamin d3, n-acetyl-l-cysteine and calcium.

Credit belongs to : www.tribune.net.ph


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