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Retail brand promotes recycling

Plastic waste is among the most generated pollutants in the ocean. PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF UNSPLASH/Brian Yurasits

Today, when everyone is required to use disposable masks and flimsy face shields for protection from the coronavirus, it is important to look for viable, sustainable alternatives to reduce waste that end up in our oceans or mountains.

According to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, these COVID-19-stricken times have summoned “a tidal wave of COVID-19 waste including plastic face masks, gloves, hand sanitizer bottles and food packaging.”

As if these were not enough, social distancing also contributes to the rise of waste production because online shopping yields a copious amount of plastic and packaging materials.

As its way of combating environmental pollution, clothing retail company H&M has launched the Let’s Reuse project in partnership with Waves for Water (W4W) Philippines.

Through this initiative, implemented at the beginning of this month, P2 will be charged for every paper bag of any size when customers purchase in any H&M stores in the country. Proceeds from these charges will go to W4W Philippines.

Professional surfer and Waves for Water founder Jon Rose espouses clean and safe water for everyone.


W4W is a targeted, special-ops style, non-profit organization that promotes safe and clean water for communities. It was founded by professional surfer Jon Rose who believes “there could be a more meaningful way to participate in the world,” as stated on their website.

Jenica Dizon, country director for W4W Philippines, stated, “Women and children are disproportionately affected as they are often tasked with fetching water for their households — unpaid work, in effect, causing a loss of productive hours in education, menstrual health management and other opportunities… with the help of partners who have supported the cause, and our community champions, we have now been able to reach a million Filipinos across the country’s 56 out of 82 provinces and with H&M’s Let’s Reuse project, we’ll be able to reach more.”

W4W has implemented 155 clean water programs in 48 countries with the use of water filtration systems (150,000), bore-hole wells and rainwater harvesting systems over the past 10 years which has impacted an estimated 3,750,000 people.

Through this retail company’s initiatives, as well as efforts from each and every person in this world, we may be able to address the situation gracefully and leave a clean and safe environment for future generations.

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