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Your airline transactions are now a Facebook PM away

Cathay Pacific launches its first FB Messenger customer service in the Philippines

Is it weird that airlines, of all transactions, lack social media services? They don’t, but major concerns, like a delayed flight or lost baggage more often than not, get stuck in the pile of unread messages.

We’re not throwing shade at any particular airline, we’re just saying that the industry should utilize social media more for the convenience of customers and not as a plain marketing tool. Customers spend five-figure cold hard cash, effort, and time to book a flight and the last thing they need is hassle in connection.

Taking this cue is Cathay Pacific as it offers a new digital service tool on Facebook Messenger in the Philippines, the first to enjoy the added convenience from its list of networks.

On top of its Global Contact Center, customer support, and online check-in services, the airline makes use of the most flexible and popular platform to reach customers for contactless transactions.

Customers can easily get in touch with Cathay Pacific to inquire about bookings, ticket changes, and baggage concerns through the chat channel.

This feature is available in English to all customers in the Philippines via messenger.com/t/cathaypacific. Customers can also download the Messenger app on mobile to contact the airlines’ customer service agents.

Cathay Pacific is currently operating flights between Manila/Cebu and Hong Kong.

Credit belongs to : Manila Bulletin


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