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Celebrating fresh experiences


If there’s anything 2020 has taught us, it’s that sometimes we just need to see things with a fresh perspective. Facing abnormal circumstances, people at home began trying new things. Suddenly, friends became bakers. Some turned into barbers and beauticians. Others, gardeners. And let’s not forget the Tik-Tokers!

From new discoveries that help people become better versions of themselves, to honing in on skills that can be used to help others, Heineken celebrates all the new experiences (or creative skills) people have gained from living in quarantine. There’s always something worth celebrating in life.

True to its open-minded, cosmopolitan and witty personality, Heineken has been inviting the youth of the world to take on a new approach to life. It may have made us all slow down a bit, take a step back, find new ways to connect and see things through a different perspective — even when things are not so favorable, it all comes down to what you make of it.

Although we do things in isolation, sharing our experiences with friends and family makes them even better. Social media influencers have shared their stories with the hashtag “freshexperiences.” Check out these five coping mechanisms they shared with us:

Staying committed to fitness

Jumping on the fitness bandwagon, Brazilian model and actor Daniel Matsunaga decided to try a new workout routine, using the keg as workout weights. Camille Co also got creative using Heineken to work out. “No gym? No weights? No problem,” she said. All she needed was a 5L-keg of Heineken to improvise her home workout. After consuming the Heineken keg with friends, she used it as a substitute for weights.

Pursuing one’s passion

Kerwin King says you might be feeling stuck at home right now, but he’s been keeping busy, inseparable from his gadgets, plants and his adorable fluffy cat. From photography to creating digital art, singing and even plant parenting — he’s got his hands full, keeping busy with his favorite and newly discovered hobbies almost every single day. He has recently found time to reconnect with two of his old passions: collecting comic books and vinyl records. He won us over with the photo he posted of him finishing reading a comic book in one sitting, while listening to one of his favorite artists and enjoying a Heineken.

Dominic Roque is the perfect example of discovering and pursuing one’s passion. He says he misses the racetrack, but he channeled his energy into his newfound love for photography — something he can surely use to help build his business. When he started his company, Domo Caps, he learned that there’s always a fresh experience waiting to be discovered. The business has now grown more than he ever expected it to, and he is exploring different ways to be productive.

Appreciating the simple things in life

Mike Miguel loves surrounding himself — and his feed — with plants. During this quarantine, he finally got to channel his “inner plantito” again. He had gotten so caught up with the city life ever since he moved to Manila that he had forgotten how therapeutic it was to be one with nature.

Spotting opportunities

to enhance relationships

Degee Razon decided to help his mom out with the current boom in the plant business. He was excited to discover that a lot of his friends find joy and comfort in taking care of plants. He helped the business increase its financial gains, but the real benefit was growing closer to his mom.

Focusing on self-improvement

Vladimir Grand said he is not the type of person who’s fond of reading books. “It takes me forever to finish one,” he says. But with extra time on his hands, he did his best to read more. He improved his English vocabulary and pronunciation through reading, but he said reading also taught him to be more patient, persevering and organized.

Keep on creating, exploring, learning, connecting… loving and discovering fresh experiences. Regardless of the situation, it’s possible to keep enjoying new fresh experiences every day!

How are you coping with the new normal? We want to hear from you. Share your new learning/hobby/trip/experience on your IG feed with us today, and add the hashtags #HeinekenPH and #FreshExperience in the caption, and tag us @heineken_ph.

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