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Enhancing land, lives

Building a community means creating green and blue spaces around them.

It’s the striking feature when you’re just looking top-down at Alviera’s scale model: it has to be predominantly green, as if it were a vegan plate garnished with a lot of helping of other bright ideas.

The development, the brainchild of Ayala Land and Leonio Land, sculpted at the foot of the mountains at once conjures images not of bone-dry-dull buildings veneered in a blanket of noxious smoke and constipated walkways, but of flowering gardens and dew-drunk grass flanking every guise of concrete, as well as open spaces where people mill around—as if nature has always been a means of escape, as if they haven’t already.

Because for sustainability-minded brands like Alviera, building a community in emerging areas, like Porac, Pampanga, means recognizing the value of walkability and creating blue and verdant spaces around them, which don’t merely amount to pocket gardens and an outlying slight hill one revels seeing in a distance, but where people are essentially a part of it.

“In all of our estate developments, we make sure that a certain percentage of the total estate is dedicated to engaging public open spaces,” Alviera Estate General Manager John Estacio told Daily Tribune. “[And because] we’re building with the land, nature isn’t just a mere scenery but the community itself is embedded in the environment, so as the people can immerse themselves in it.”

You see the majestic mountain ranges of Porac solemnizing an already momentous event in the ballroom of the Alviera Country Club, or—finally giving in to the lure of it all—while taking a leisurely walk along its lush trails that lead up, up and away to the top of the mountains, where, now taking in a view of a lot of moving parts (perhaps orchestrating so that they harmoniously exist in relation to another), you’re lord of all creations.

Soon, scenes redolent of peace and quiet will make up the backdrop of both commercial and residential building’s rooms with a view. You can then find yourself communing with nature in its al fresco cafes and restaurants, and when you moon over what’s outside your office window.

“It’s espousing this balance for those who appreciate the suburban living, without, of course, being left behind in terms of progressive urban developments,” Estacio said. “Especially now that we’re dealing with a pandemic, people these days appreciate living in a mixed-use development, where everything’s going to be near you, and then you still can enjoy the outdoors without the fear of going out.”

Apart from that Alviera’s generous open spaces unconsciously make mandatory distancing measures possible, they are built around resilience to weather calamities the country has always been prone of, like typhoons. The development is developed in such a way that it easily seeps stormwater into its aquifers to prevent flooding. It also serves as a convergence point for evacuation in times of natural calamities.

Alviera is not built on the land, but with it, integrating nature into everyday living.

Vis-à-vis the net weight of other factors, customers are now seeing more value in accessible open spaces, especially those engineered through Alviera’s parameters on sustainable planning, so that investors in commercial and residential are putting their stocks on it.

“If you have the funds and the plans to invest in a commercial, residential lot or even a club membership share, now is the time to buy because of the generous payment terms. And, once the economy rebounds, the returns will be higher,” Estacio said.

Launched in 2014, Alviera has been building its community of residents, and sells commercial and residential lots in the mixed-use development to like-minded investors as it continues to work out the details of its vision: to be the growth center of Central Luzon where you get busy living.

To learn more about commercial and residential investment possibilities in Alviera, visit www.alviera.ph.

Credit belongs to : www.tribune.net.ph


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