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From kitchen top to desktop

Foccacia and Grissini by world-class chefs will also be taught in École Ducasse Manila online eXperience by Enderun.

A bigger community and well-paced learning —- these are the major advantages of bringing culinary classes online for Chef Laetitia Moreau, Executive Pastry Chef of École Ducasse Manila Campus talking about its new collaboration with the Philippines’ leading culinary school, Enderun Colleges.

The École Ducasse Online Culinary eXperience by Enderun is an interactive online culinary class that allows its students to access matrix, primers, create their own recipes and share it at the discussion board with world-class chefs.

Students enrolled in the program may access recipes of char siu pork bun, lamb tajine, Hainanese chicken, chicken fricassee, and crustaceans and salmon stew, Italian grissini, sourdough donuts, crepe suzette and creme brulee, New York cheesecake, Italian focaccia, and sacher torte.

Finishers of the said program will receive a digital badge issued by École Ducasse Manila.

At your own pace

One admirable thing about the interface of Enderun extension site ( is its easy navigation. Its straightforward content on where to find the recipes and which tabs to push to see more details are really designed for students starting to learn.

Students can learn how to create the best Char Siu Buns. / PhotographS courtesy of Enderun

Video lectures of the virtual instructors from École Ducasse Manila Chefs Moreau, See Cheong Yan and Marc Chalopin also give out approachable vibe inspiring students to really get into the learning process.

As established personalities in the industry, these instructors are aware how hard it is to become overstressed during physical classes that you have to do the assigned tasks in an instant, thus they changed the system into asynchronous when they were procuring the digital learning platform.

Students and instructors can share their thoughts in the discussion board whenever they face challenges in understanding some of the recipes or even if they want to virtually hang out with the chefs.

Further, students can also play the mentioned videos repeatedly in their own safe spaces and time preferences if they want to understand it more.

Bigger community

Culinary schools can be sometimes intimidating especially if it is filled with kitchen masters wearing chef’s whites looking eager to perfect every dish. With this, many people do not want to even try attending classes.

Ingredients Crate complete with exactly measured goods for Italian Grissini.

The online culinary classes aid the confidence problem by connecting students and instructors digitally. No more shyness in asking for techniques or even questions about passion for cooking because they can easily chat away.

During the inaugural batch of The École Ducasse Online Culinary eXperience by Enderun, chef Moreau demonstrated how the classes will go by quickly answering questions about the Italian grissini recipe.

No one felt that a question is an absurd one because the chef handled each query gracefully. As chef Moreau explained it, “Communication is so important in terms of learning.”

Bringing kitchentop to desktop, try the classes by visiting or contact [email protected] or call +63 917 130 1000.

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