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IPC eyes next 100,000-unit sales milestone in 2022

After attaining 300,000-unit sales milestone in August this year, all-commercial vehicle company Isuzu Philippines Corp. (IPC) is training its eyes for the next 100,000 units in the next two years.

IPC President and CEO Hajime Koso said in a virtual press conference to mark its 300,000-unit sales milestone that at the rate they are going and despite the pandemic they may be able to reach the next 100,000-unit sales by 2022. This is a lot quicker than the long 21 years to hit the 300,000-unit milestone.

Koso shared that the NKR85 was the beginning of the IPC adventure in the Philippines. It took us 12 years to achieve our first 100,000 units milestone.

“Nine years after, we reached the 200,000 mark and after 6 years, we are now in our 300,000th milestone. The period for selling 100,000 units has been shortened by 3 years. At that rate, we can probably reach our 400,000 units in the year 2022,” he said.

“When we reach that record, Isuzu will be an essential brand in the Philippines and at the same time, we help you, our dealers, expand your business with confidence and pride.”

According to Koso, Isuzu Tacloban sold the 300,000th vehicle, an Isuzu D-MAX last August. The first Isuzu vehicle sold in the country was Isuzu NKR85 for P475,000 by Isuzu Davao in 1996. During that time, IPC had a total of 12 dealers nationwide.

As such, IPC is adapting to provide customers with products and sales methods, and after sales operations suitable for the new normal era. IPC is developing tools for digitalization.

“We also seek various thoughts and ideas from our dealers who can help us build a business model that can be used as a 10-year plan,” he added.

From its Japan headquarters, Isuzu Motors Ltd. Executive Vice-President Toru Nakata congratulated the local unit for the milestone. Nakata also announced the introduction to the Philippine market the full model change of its popular pick-up model D-Max by next year.

This year, however, IPC has reduced its sales forecast to 11,000 units or 45 percent lower than the original 20,000-unit sales target they set before the pandemic, according to IPC Vice-President Joseph Bautista.

“With our commercial vehicle line-up, we are pretty sure we are getting back by early next year,” he said.

Bautista said the lowest point for IPC was during the Asian financial crisis in 1998. The all-truck manufacturer, however, recovered in 2000 with the launch of Crosswind, a popular Asian utility vehicle model. “It was good a journey since then,” he said noting their growth peaked in 2018.

The company is also set to introduce its E-Series commercial vehicle model to boost its vehicle line-up. IPC has announced an array of attractive sales promos across its vehicle models.


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