Wednesday , December 2 2020
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Makeup as mood-lifter

Weeks in quarantine gave people time to pursue their interests or find new ways to entertain themselves, whether it be cooking or baking, gardening, catching up on TV shows, reading books that had been collecting dust on the shelf, or following a fitness routine.

In the last seven months, such activities have been helping keep one’s mental health in check.

For makeup enthusiasts, time was well-spent learning new techniques or playing with their palettes.

A Business Insider article notes, “Beauty routines can also provide a creative, fun outlet for self-expression that can lift you up during tough times.”

These tough times have indeed made some people feel trapped and not in control of their lives. But with makeup, being able to choose your colors and create your looks can make a person feel confident.

Makeup is also self-love. Unlike what most people may think, putting on makeup is meant to enhance one’s beauty, not just cover flaws. It can also serve as a great activity to pass the time or as a way to recuperate from the stress this pandemic has caused.

Makeup is also a way to thank yourself and your skin. Being able to face the mirror, choose which color you want to put on your eyelids and topping everything off with a spritz of refreshing face mist is an accomplishment in itself.

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