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Nutritious candies? This ‘Junk’ has fruits — ‘Honest’!

I always support Filipino-made products. That’s what my parents did, love our own.

I have friends who have turned their passions and interests into amazing brands.

One of these brands is Honest Junk. It is run by Celine Gabriel-Lim and her business partner, Tina Lagdameo. Honest Junk offers snacks and candies using natural ingredients and lower sugar and sodium, gluten- and preservative-free, with superfoods added for good measure.

There are vegan options as well. In other words, you can have your candy and be healthy, too.

About three years ago, Celine and Tina wanted to turn the idea of eating healthy on its head, to perish the thought that eating healthy meant bland-tasting food.

The drawback was that most healthy food was expensive. The challenge was to have great-tasting, fun to eat, affordable snacks good for kids and grownups alike.

Honest Junk has since created a wonderful line of snacks including nibbles and, my personal favorite, gummies. All are made of natural ingredients. It also has gummies for adults (surprise, with a bit of alcohol in them).

Honest Junk has four main products: Super Gummies (the adult version), Zooper Cookies, Cheese Barks (super addictive!) and Love Local.

But what’s really so special about them?

For instance, Cheese Barks are crispy crackers with artisanal cheese from the Malagos Farmhouse in Davao.

Zooper Cookies are vegan cookies that are nut- and gluten-free, low sodium and sugar, and packed with superfoods. They come in cute animal shapes, and with Coco Chia, Moringa, Cocoa Nib, Carrot Cake and Oatmeal and Raisin flavors.

Now for the Super Gummies! Gluten-free, low in sodium and sugar, and with a great helping of moringa. They come in pineapple, grape, mandarin, mango, guyabano, dalandan, pink guava strawberry, guyabano-mangosteen, calamansi, lychee, wheatgrass calamansi and ginger-turmeric-mango flavors. I particularly like the dalandan.

The Love Local line consist of Super Gummies with dried fruit. It comes in two different packs: Araw-Araw and Gabi-Gabi. They were named so because you can eat them any time of day.

The Araw-Araw pack has Pineapple Super Gummies, Pineapple Dried Fruits, Mango Super Gummies, Mango Dried Fruits and Calamansi Super Gummies.

The Gabi-Gabi pack has a combination of Mangosteen Super Gummies, Papaya Dried Fruit, Mango Super Gummies, Mango Dried Fruit and Guyabano Super Gummies.

Bayanihan spirit

As with all local brands, Honest Junk has been affected by the pandemic, but management took it in stride. It had slow-moving products due to deliveries being held back because of the quarantine.

Instead of sinking into defeat, Honest Junk rose to the occasion and transformed Love Local into a socially-responsible endeavor.

“This time, for our Love Local packs, we wanted to capture the beautiful Filipino bayanihan spirit that we saw during these last few months, and we wanted to inspire people to Love Local, especially now in the time of Covid-19,” said Celine. “Our economy really needs the boost. We are so proud of this product because everything was done in-house and with so much love. As a team, we talked about how best we can help the country that is currently in crisis, and this is the result. The label design was made by our graphic artist Maysie Lagman, based on all our ideas and reflections, and we think everyone did a darn good job.”

Proceeds to these newly designed packs to go Kythe Foundation which supports cancer-stricken children.

Honest Junk gift ideas are now on discount for orders placed before 31 October. The Christmas catalogue is up on its website, too. Honest Junk, contact tel. (+63) 977-6205837; log on to; email:; Instagram: @honestjunk; Facebook: Honest Junk.

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