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Thanksgiving and Gratefulness

Happy Thanksgiving !

Once a year we celebrate Thanksgiving with the Canadian tradition of turkey dinner and all the sides that go with it and get together with our families . My family has been celebrating it the same way all these years except this 2020. The new norm has made us realize that so many things have changed with this pandemic.

Nonetheless, Thanksgiving is a time for gratefulness .

I am grateful to have a family .

I am grateful to this country for being a haven for my family . Canada has provided endless opportunities for my daughters to study, work and contribute to the economy, establish a good family life and provide  for their children and enjoy the quality of life that this country has given.

I am grateful for the opportunities opened to me in immigration consultancy, entrepreneurship, publishing , international real estate and executive education.

I am grateful for good friends who have stood by me through the years and given me moral support in my life despite the challenges I have faced.

I am grateful that the Lord above has always been my Rock and answered my prayers and has always been good to me all the time.

I am grateful that I enjoy a healthcare in Canada that I need not worry about hospital or doctors bills whenever we have health issues .

I am grateful that after retirement, we get a decent pension that the government provides.

I am grateful to breathe good air quality , enjoy the beauty of nature, have opportunities to travel the world ( despite restrictions at the moment ) and savour all kinds of cuisine.

I am grateful that I have the opportunity to pursue my passion in arts and culture through visual arts and painting , be able to visit art museums and galleries, watching concerts and the cinema specially during the Toronto Film Festival.

I am grateful that we can contribute to the community we serve in every way we can .

I am grateful that there is freedom and democracy in Canada and pray that our home country the Philippines will someday have real freedom and democracy .

I am grateful to breathe life everyday.

I am grateful.

By Marissa Buyco Corpus
Business As Usual
Marissa B Corpus has BSBA and MBA degrees from the University of the Philippines, took post graduate studies in Financial Management as a Dutch scholar from the Netherlands International Indtitute  of Management , took a real estate management course  at Harvard School of Business , and is currently  Secretary of the Philippine Press Club of Ontario and National Spokesperson  of the Malaya Movement of Canada . To contact the writer please email her at mbcorpus@yahoo.com


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