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Trick or treat at home

FAKE skeletons and pumpkins can make for a great jump scare this halloween. PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF UNSPLASH/HELLO IM NIK

There is nothing more terrifying than the fact that Halloween parties and trick-or-treating are canceled this year — especially since plans have been made, costumes bought and decorations from last year readied for reuse.

Halloween is the only time of the year when kids and kids at heart create the most fun memories while in costumes.

Fret not, no one will have to put a halt to the Halloween tradition just because of the pandemic. There still are plenty of things to do for the spookiest season of the year while being locked in the walls of our homes.

Even at home, everyone can whip up their favorite costumes with the whole family.


Put on costumes

Who says that Harry Potter or Spiderman can’t go for a little Halloween treat this year? Even while at home, everyone can whip up their favorite costumes with the whole family and have fun doing their simple routines for the day. It will be nice and funny to see Wonder Woman cleaning the dishes, ghosts doing the laundry, Superman doing homework or attending a Zoom class. Kids will enjoy being inside the house with their favorite superheroes and cartoon characters.

Decorate the house

To get the Halloween feel means the house needs to undergo some spooky decorating. Everyone can take a breather while putting up some fake cobwebs on the walls and smearing life-like blood over tables —it will be a great bonding experience for the whole family over frightening music. Just don’t forget to add little decorative jump scares for a guaranteed screamfest.

You can also give the kids a little “haunted house” experience and walk them through the house and rooms with “ghosts” (their family members) acting and scaring them away.

Or, do a Halloween crafting contest with simple art materials or things you can find and decorate the house with it. Bonus points if you win!

SWEET halloween treats.


Bake some treats

Halloweens are not complete without sweets. Decorating spooky cookies, cupcakes, or cakes with the little ones can compensate for the number of candies they accumulated over the past trick-or-treating and make the season extra intimate and special. For adults, maybe it’s high time to whip up recipes online and get a start with preparing a feast with a little hint of a personal flair and spookiness in it. Grocery shopping can be another scary movie to watch out for.

Watch some scary movies

Screaming on Halloween is already a given, and not to mention caused by binge-watching horror and thriller movies at home. And especially where everyone has access to the Internet (mostly Netflix), it’s easier to find a good ‘ol classic movie to watch. Turn off the lights and get comfortable in front of the television with the whole family and try not to get spooked by jump scares and horrifying ghost characters donning a white dress and with long hair coming out of it (The Ring, anyone?)

Halloween online parties!

Instead of physically knocking on people’s doors, “virtually” hang out with them and exchange scary stories, play some games through Zoom, Skype, Messenger, or even Google Hangouts! Everyone participating can do a horror movie marathon through shared screens, host a trivia party, or a Bring Me game Halloween edition, or go through a virtual haunted house just for spooks! Bonus if everyone on the team is wearing their best Halloween costumes and host a costume contest!

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