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Wellness tourism: Next-normal trend

TRAVELERS prioritize health, mindfulness and peace of mind in their future destinations. PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF RAFFLES HOTELS

With lifestyle habits changing in the midst of the pandemic, travelers are now prioritizing itineraries that involve health, mindfulness and peace of mind.

Serenity, harmony, relaxation, recovery and pleasure fuel and rejuvenate luxury travelers globally. These are also the touchstones for wellness at Raffles Hotels & Resorts and the inspiration for the brand’s white paper, Answering the Desire for Wellness in Luxury Travel.

According to the hotel’s findings, the scope of wellness has grown from grassroots movement to core framework and is now considered an essential practice that promises longevity, physical and mental health and social well-being. A recent report by the Wellness Tourism Association (WTA) shows 44 percent of travelers are looking to the wellness establishment for their next trip, as soon as they can. The most important reason for taking a wellness vacation, according to 38 percent of travelers, is “to return to everyday life feeling rejuvenated.”

In 2020, the importance of nature and spending time outdoors has been reinforced as a key pillar of wellness vacations.

Emlyn Brown, global vice president, well-being, luxury and premium brands of Accor noted, “As the expectation for wellness luxury travel continues to grow, we must look beyond material luxuries to experiences that balance the mind, body and spirit. At Raffles, we believe that true luxury is not about what you do, but how you feel. Raffles hotels represent places where our guests can see their aspirational lifestyle reflected in every touchpoint. Once the pandemic is under control and our luxury guests return to their normal routines, there will be an even greater demand for wellness activities that embrace the key health modalities of nutrition, mindfulness and sleep.”

The white paper is being released in conjunction with the launch of Emotional Wellbeing by Raffles, a global blueprint for wellness that will guide guests through thoughtfully curated programs, spaces and rituals, all designed to inspire a sense of emotional well-being while in residence with Raffles. The first Emotional Wellbeing by Raffles Retreat will debut at the recently opened Raffles Bali in 2021 and will introduce the concept of a dedicated Wellbeing Butler, whose aim is to craft bespoke wellness journeys for each guest. Following a successful pilot, the retreat concept will be rolled out to other Raffles hotels worldwide.

The luxury brand’s new well-being platform and white paper explore three core pillars to integrate wellness into luxury travel experiences:

Design for Harmony, creating harmonious and natural environments; Nutrition for Pleasure, an exploration of foods that induce deep and restful sleep, travel recovery and the symbiotic relationship between the mind and the human digestion system; and Rituals for Serenity, a selection of subtle rituals promoting serenity, peace and revitalization, facilitated in part by the personal Raffles butler assigned to each guest.

According to Jeannette Ho, vice president, Raffles Hotels and Resorts, “Each one of our Raffles properties serves as an oasis for the well-travelled and their bespoke experiences and services enhance emotional well-being. Our goal is to create welcoming environments of nourishment, serenity and well-being. To do this, we collaborate with global leaders like Simone Osswald and Cindy Palusamy, to infuse wellness into every element of a guest’s stay, bringing the beauty and calm of greater mindfulness to our experiences.”

The company’s ALLSAFE cleanliness protocols, jointly developed with Bureau Veritas, help protect guests and staff, while assuring travelers they can feel safe while staying at Accor’s hotels including Raffles hotels in Singapore, Paris, Dubai and many other leading holiday destinations.

For the full report on Emotional Wellbeing by Raffles, check this link: www.raffles.com/pdf/2020-raffles-white-paper-raffles-desire-6-4a/.

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