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Buying your first luxury footwear? Here are KC Concepcion’s pointers before stepping in one

To splurge or not to splurge?

Still from KC Concepcion’s YouTube channel 

Just think of it.: A double door closet full of designer heels and luxury footwear waiting for you to step into for a day stroll or night out. Having a shoe collection is every girl’s dream. Even guys wouldn’t deny that they’ve always wanted to have a closet full of their favorite kicks.

Unfortunately, making that dream happen isn’t as easy as clicking your heels three times like in The Wizard of Oz. Just thinking about the actual cost would instantly make your feet hurt. We all heard the saying “good shoes will take you to good places.” But at the expense of one designer footwear, how much are you willing pay for the promise of that “good place.” A tough question, right?

In her latest vlog, actress and style icon KC Concepcion not only opened the doors of her shoe closet, granting her fans access to her collection, but she also shared a few things to think about before making your first purchase.

Set goals and settle finances

Spending a lot of money for a pair of shoes can bring out the guilty feeling in all of us. To avoid it, KC advises to set your goals first and get real with your cash. “Save your money,” she says. “Whatever extra you get after you pay for all the things to you need to pay for, and support the people that you need to support, then that’s the time to splurge.”

Dream hard, work hard

The thing about wants is that you can turn them into motivations. Just like many things in life, a process should be made and followed. KC’s process starts by daydreaming about it and then dreaming about it before sleeping. Next is to create your plan of action and put your mind into it and work hard every day.

Choose shoes that suit you

When picking luxury shoes, it is never about what’s on trend. “Shoes have stories,” as KC puts it. Remember that just like other famous artists, shoe designers pour their heart and soul in every piece they make. Also, apart from getting a high-end fix, you’re also walking away with beauty and experience as a result. And if they are so gorgeous but they hurt, then make sure they are “worth the splurge.”

Know more about KC’s favorite shoe designers, go-to pieces, and treasured item in her latest vlog. Watch the episode here:


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