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Celebrate your small wins

Yellow Cab continues to support its customer’s passions and aims to inspire whoever it is in need of a little motivation through its #SmallWins campaign. / Photographs courtesy of FB.COM/YELLOWCAB

We all have moments when we feel like we aren’t making any progress in life, especially at this time when most of us have to deal with a whole lot of setbacks and frustrations. But simple stuff such as finishing a long report or turning in a story hours early are progress itself, even though they appear to be small and often go unnoticed.

In an article published on calmmoment.com, it is said a small win can also be a tangible reward but is often “a small sense of pride, personal triumph or pleasure gain through what we’ve achieved, however small.” The beauty of it is that it leads to habits formed, motivating people to do things even more.

In the past couple of years, Yellow Cab has been all about supporting its customer’s passions and small wins. Though trudging the road nowadays feels a little bit exhausting, Yellow Cab aims to inspire whoever it is in need of a little motivation through its campaign, #SmallWins.

As we rediscover ourselves in the midst of a difficult time, witnessing people pursue a passion like yours is a small win, too. The first step towards it might be hard, but there’s nothing more fulfilling than when you finally get to do something you have always loved.

Get your daily dose of inspiration with Yellow Cab’s exclusive campaign videos — #SmallWins Haircut www.facebook.com/YellowCabPizzaOfficial/videos/338562117410391 and #SmallWins Baking www.facebook.com/YellowCabPizzaOfficial/videos/695151721096667.

Whether it resulted in a bad hairstyle on your first try at haircutting or a burnt cookie on your first attempt at baking, always remember that you’ll get there, eventually. There’s always a reason to celebrate afterwards, no matter how small it is.

Small wins may look unimportant, but if you add them together, they could lead to greater things.

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