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Move freely around the web

One thing we want to stay permanent that happened amid the pandemic is the accessibility of webinars. Without knowing it, we left the era where seminars can only be experienced by those who can pay for registration fees, have transportation and appropriate clothes to wear.

In the second to the last month of 2020, here is the lineup of online activities you can freely participate in:

Resume Writing, 4 November, 3 p.m.

Weren’t you able to attend your final days in college and got left in the dark on how will you ace job applications? This event will teach you how to craft a standout resume. Learn the modern techniques to get the attention of employers by joining at www.facebook.com/events.

Communication Skills for Working Online, 4 November, 8 p.m.

Still a work-related webinar, FHMoms unravels communication techniques for remote jobs. This event is relevant not only to freelancers but also to those who are still planning to work from home. See the difference between physical work conversations and digital ones at www.facebook.com/events.

The Quitter’s Guide: Mental Health & Smoking, 5 November, 7 p.m.

The times are so stressful that mental health illnesses and smoking are inevitable. However, both are too deadly to not be addressed properly. Nicorette PH lets homebound participants dive into the psychology of addiction and what ways struggling individuals can overcome it. Check it out at www.facebook.com/events.

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