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No turning back from rum

Taste, health benefits and process are what make rum exceptional.

My first shot of lambanog (coconut liquor) during my freshman college days in Los Baños kicked like a horse but it definitely sparked my everlasting connection with alcoholic beverages.

Gone are those days when I could drink bottles of beer almost every single afternoon with my college friends and mixed liquor at night at our favorite bars. Months into lockdown, the only person I can drink with is my father. Although I get to bond with him, my acquired quarantine habit also led me to realize that I should go for healthier options.

As a big fan of beer, it’s not easy to get out of that comfort zone but feeling the bold flavors of Don Papa’s 10-year-old rum spiced with the delicate flavor of dried fruits and cacao tickled my drinker soul to the core.

Since then, I have not turned my back from this drink.

Why choose rum?

Taste may be the first thing that makes rum attractive but its health benefits would be the reasons to fall in love with it.

It is made of fermented then distilled sugarcane molasses or juice stored in oak barrels for years before it goes out into your mouth.

The process specifically for Don Papa Rum sprouts from the lush fertile island of Negros island where sugarcanes are harvested. The same island, also called Sugarlandia, is where the magic happens in Bago Distillery and in the foothills of Mount Kanlaon.

After seven long years, the exquisite ex-American Bourbon barrel will be carefully chosen before it gets bottled and sold.

Apart from less chemical exposure in the process, rum also has effective medicinal properties. It keeps scurvy away, serves as antiseptic, is good for the heart, eases colds, lowers risk of diabetes and mental health diseases and offers long-term nutritional benefits because it does not have carbohydrates or fats.

Experience Sugarlandia

Don Papa rum, crafted in Negros island does not only keep a steady livelihood for the farmers but also sustains its respect for the environment and culture of the place.

One way of boosting Sugarlandia especially with the traffic of tourism progress is Don Papa’s #ExperienceSugarlandia contest where three winners will get to go on a five-day eco-cultural tour around Negros island once travel restrictions are lifted in June to December 2021.

The post-pandemic treat will be a great way to highlight the wonders of the island again.

To snitch this once in a lifetime experience, participants have to post a creative photo on Instagram with a bottle of Don Papa Rum and Don Papa 10-year-old captioned with #ExperienceSugarlandia and #DonPapaRum.

Lucky victors will be chosen on 15 November 2020, 21 December 2020 and 8 January 2021, respectively.

Don Papa raises its efforts to help local farmers in Negros while respecting nature and culture.


Credit belongs to : www.tribune.net.ph


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