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PWD files case against Baguio Safety Division

Photo credit: Public Order & Safety Division – City of Baguio

BAGUIO CITY — The visually impaired man who was given a citation ticket by two enforcers formally filed a case before the Baguio City Prosecutor’s office against the Baguio City Public Order and Safety Division (POSD).

Madino Codasi together with his counsel, Atty. Rocky Balisong and Baguio City Council Committee on Persons with Disability (PWD) head Arthur Allad-iw filed a case against POSD enforcer Norman Wanas Jr., another enforcer known as “Gaki,” and POSD head Marvin Hererra for violating Republic Act 7277 or the Magna Carta for the PWDs, RA 10175 or the Anti-Cyber Libel Law, and violation of Article 353 of the Revised Penal.

Balisong insisted that Codasi was clealy violated of his rights as a PWD basing on the circumstances of him being accosted by the POSD enforcers and after the issue went viral on social media.

It was last November 21 when Codasi and his companion were accosted by Gaki and Wanas after they crossed an area of the road undesignated for crossing. The POSD personnel who were just a few meters away warned the two by using a megaphone but they still proceeded.

Codasi in his complaint said when they have already crossed the street and went to an area to wait for a taxi cab, the POSD men approached them while shouting. The enforcers then asked for their IDs and he gave his PWD card. He pleaded that he be spared of being fined but Wanas still gave him a citation ticket for jaywalking.

According to Balisong, Codasi was not given consideration and the enforcer still doubted if Codasi was really a PWD.

Allad-iw also said that Codasi also felt ridiculed when he was accosted by the men. He said that respondent Wanas, Jr. even shouted at Codasi for failing to align his signature on the space provided for him to sign in the citation ticket.

“Because of the incident, I felt so ashamed of myself as a PWD and I thought that I was being lowly looked upon because of my disability. Thus, I hardly slept that night and the other nights that followed,” Codasi said in his complaint.

He also lamented that the POSD posted even a statement on social media questioning the disability of Codasi basing it from his TV interview. The POSD claimed that Codasi said that only one of his eyes is totally blind and the other one has a perfect vision. But in the interview, Codasi said the other eye has a blurred vision.

Codasi, last Tuesday, had also filed a similar complaint at the Commission on Human Rights.

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