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Why biking is better than ever


Necessity drove many Filipinos to use bicycles to move around. When Metro Manila was placed under the enhanced community quarantine in mid-March, public transport was also halted, which made those in industries considered essential either miss work or consider other means of travel.

Out of a crippling pandemic rose the Filipinos’ realization that biking is better — not only is it good for the health, it also keeps the environment free from air pollution. From the same crisis came a passion to help, and a bicycle brand dedicated to the democratization of mobility for Filipinos during these challenging times: Better Bike.

It is the brand’s mission to empower the resilience and move-forward attitude for which Filipinos are known. It is a business with a heart for Filipinos who strive to work for their families, no matter what.

Better Bike aims to provide “wheels to live” to people with the will to succeed. Its affordable units are for those who want to move forward and ahead in life.

Style does not have to be expensive, indeed, as the bikes come in a range of beautiful finishes, from light to dark, striking to neutral. No matter what your aesthetic is, there will surely be a Better Bike for you.

These beautiful bikes are also made to fit every rider’s lifestyle. Condo dwellers will appreciate the compact strength of the Foldable Bikes. Adventure riders who require heavy-duty support can get the Mountain Bikes in steel or alloy frames. Chic and cool riders who want to get from point A to point B in style will love the Village Bikes (these bikes get plus points for their retro feels!).

When you feel stuck and going nowhere, remember that it only takes two wheels to help you move forward. Better Bike is here to give you a better quality of life.

For more information, visit their website at betterbikeph.com their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/Better-Bike

-Ph-101452611774355 or their Instagram account at www.instagram.com/betterbikeph/.

Credit belongs to : www.tribune.net.ph


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